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Child Car Seat Rules Netherlands

Canada’s requirements for child restraint systems and seat belts vary from one provincial/territorial jurisdiction to another.[9]  In Ontario, child restraint systems are regulated by section 106 of the Highway Traffic Act[10] and its subordinate regulation.[11]  Similarly, in British Columbia, such requirements are found in section 220 of the Motor Vehicle Act[12] and Division 36 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations.[13]  In Quebec they can be found in section 397 of the Highway Safety Code.[14]

[45] National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000, § 213, 417 (20963) Government Gazette (Mar. 17, 2000), version amended through 2013 available on the University of Pretoria website, at http://www.lawsofsouthafrica.

It’s not advised to buy a child seat that has already been used. You may be able to save money, but it isn’t worth putting your child’s safety at risk. There are several reasons why choosing to buy a second hand car seat is a bad idea:

In the case of i-Size seats, the same process applies. There are fewer cars with the right fittings for these though, so you might be hard-pressed to find one. If you’re thinking of using an i-Size seat, make sure you check your car before buying.

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UPDATE (Dec. 2, 2014): In October 2014, South Africa’s Minister of Transportation issued amendments to the country’s National Road Traffic Regulations.  The amendments included a new rule requiring the use of child restraint when transporting children under the age of three. 

Child Car Seat Rules Wa

Most new i-Size seats 'click' easily into place using vehicle anchorage points. There is no need to use an adult seat belt for securing i-Size car seats into place. But, you should make sure your car has ISOFIX anchorage points fitted to use this model correctly.

Child Safety Locks Car

The EU safety regulation for child car seats (ECE R129) developed the rating of 'i-Size' in July 2013. The aim was to make them easier to install and increase protection from side impacts. The design focused on keeping children rearward-facing until they grew taller and heavier.

An annex to the Turkish Regulation on Highway Traffic[54] sets forth the quantity and qualities of protective gear for drivers and passengers.  Article 150 specifically applies to children and states which restraints are required for them in certain types of vehicles.[55]

Child Safety Pledge

Law 5(I) 2007 imposes the mandatory use of seat belts on drivers and passengers in vehicles of less than 3.5 metric tons.[20]  Children less than 150 cm tall who travel in certain categories of vehicles fitted with safety systems must be restrained by an integral or nonintegral child-restraint system.[21] 

Child Safety Gates For Uneven Walls

(1) A driver of any motor vehicle (excluding any two-wheeled vehicle) shall fasten the seat belt thereof while driving his/her motor vehicle and require any passenger seated beside him/her to fasten that passenger's seat belt (in cases of an infant, this refers to the seat belt after an infant safety harness is mounted; hereinafter the same shall apply): Provided, That the same shall not apply to cases where it is difficult to fasten the seat belt due to any illness, etc. or due to any ground prescribed by Ordinance of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

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