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Child Car Seat Rules Spain

Legally yes you can but, should you be involved in an accident and you are wearing such footwear, you can be fined for wearing ‘footwear unsafe’ for driving. It would be difficult to prove that the footwear was not the reason; the law states “you have to drive properly avoiding damage to people or things and it is forbidden to drive in a negligent way”.

Exceptions: when a car only has two seats, or when it’s not possible to fit more car seats in the back seats, then one car seat can be installed on the front seat, as long as the air bag is deactivated. If you're caught without a car seat, the police may ask you to wait until somebody brings a car seat, or the children are transported in another car with a car seat, or a taxi. The fine is around 300 euros. 

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Contrary to popular belief, drink driving in Spain is not tolerated. The limits are much lower than in the UK (about half) and the fines can be very large. Recent legislation gives a court the authority to imprison an offender for 3 months. All fines must be paid on the spot. If you do not have the cash on you it is not uncommon for the police to escort you to a cash machine. Failure or inability to pay may again result in imprisonment.

Is a car seat required in a taxi? If there's no car seat present in a licensed taxi (identified by the blue licence plates) children older than three years may sit in the back seat using the adult seat belt and children under three years can sit in the back seat without a seat belt. The front passenger seat can only be used by children who are more than 1.35m tall, secured with the adult seat belt.

If you have a child under three, some experts feel the best option is to sit the child next to you on their own seat (if they are able to) rather than holding them on your lap, which isn't safe. In a serious crash, an adult's arms would not be able to hold on to a child, and your body weight could crush them.  

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Rules: All children under 12 years old and less than 135cm tall must use a UN R44/R129-approved child car seat. You can transport children under three years old in the front seat in a child car seat as long as the airbag is deactivated.

New serious offences – Programming a GPS while driving is now an offence as is parking in a disabled space and having an unreadable number plate. Please note if you manipulate a number plate you can be fined 6000 euros.

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Ensure that all the cars paperwork is in the car and carry your insurance documents with you. If you are unlucky enough to have an accident try and take photos of any damage. DO NOT SIGN ANY FORMS you do not understand even if urged to by an official.

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