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Child Safety Harness For Motorcycle

The other item that I am emphatic about using is good gloves. Hands are an essential part of our daily lives and deserve good protection. A number of companies make child-size gloves for off-road use, and I have also found a few all-leather street gloves (which I prefer) in XXS sizes. Several companies, including Olympia and Tour Master make XS-size gloves in good, solid, comfortable styles, and Family and both carry kid-specific gloves. Get some that have a good retention system -- that is, that strap on tightly. Even if the gloves are a bit large, this will keep them from coming off in the violence of a crash. Some of the off-road gloves are made well with abrasion-resistant material, but you may also find small road gloves, which tend to have better abrasion-resistant coverage.

Child-sized off-road gear is abundant, but unless you find used examples of now-discontinued Harley-Davidson MotorClothes or Held children’s apparel, street gear is virtually non-existent. Be creative: My 11-year-old daughter Kiva wears an XS women’s Icon textile jacket with sleeve adjusters snug enough to keep the armor properly positioned, paired with jeans and leather boots that cover her ankles. And don’t forget gloves: I’ve found XXS women’s street gloves small enough to fit 7-year-old Ruby. Failing that, kid’s MX gloves work, too.

Of course, they had a gentle introduction and haven't had any bad experiences. They both had their first rides on a deserted, dead-end rural road with little traffic. Next it was rides to school, where every kid on the yard came out to watch their arrivals and departures. One mother, watching us arrive on a big Vulcan, even commented, "My kids want you to be their dad." Progressively longer rides led to weekend outings with my son, which he loved. We made a motorcycle camping trip to a spot back in the mountains where a car has a hard time reaching. My daughter has begun agitating for her and I to ride to Alaska.

Child Safety Seat Technician

My son now wears my wife's old jackets. In a few years, he'll be wearing mine. But I would have felt comfortable with him wearing a tough jacket made of something else, such as denim, too. If you have to choose wear to spend your money, a good D.O.T. helmet and real motorcycle gloves should top your priorities. The difference between no jacket and solid denim jacket is bigger than the difference between denim and leather in my experience.

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Now it’s time to ride. Begin with a pre-ride briefing, reminding your child to hold on, sit still, avoid the hot exhaust and always keep his/her feet on the pegs. Never place a child in front of you. Like all passengers, children belong on back, raising a separate set of worries about falling off. A passenger harness can prevent this worst-case scenario. By far the best is the Moto-Grip ($179.95, plus $79.95 for the optional child strap; (_www.hatchventures.com_). Exceptionally well made, the Moto-Grip creates two secure, convenient handholds on the operator’s back and chest. An optional security strap keeps the child from falling off, and acts as an early-warning system if he/she slumps, slides or otherwise shifts position.

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