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Child Safety Matters

Students learn to identify Safe Adults, at a minimum, one in the home and one outside the home. Each student receives two Safe Adult Bookmarks to personalize and give to their Safe Adults to educate them regarding the 5 Safety Rules and how to protect the student if they come to them.

Child Safety Harness

The length of the lessons vary based on the grade level: Kindergarten – Two 35-minute lessons (or four 20-minute lessons); 1st Grade – Two 40-minute lessons (or four 20-minute lessons); 2nd Grade – Two 45-minute lessons (or four 25-minute lessons); 3rd Grade – Two 50-minute lessons (or four 25-minute lessons); 4th Grade – Two 55-minute lessons (or four 30-minute lessons); 5th Grade – Two 55-minute lessons (or four 30-minute lessons).

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I read the other reviews after Safety Matters had already done work for me and I felt that they were really harsh.  Larry came and did a prompt evaluation, and made a number of suggestions.  There was no pressure to get everything done.  His guy came out as scheduled and did a clean, tidy and methodical job.  I was disappointed that an item I had been expecting him to bring was not with him (table edging).  But in fairness I had not specifically confirmed that I was planning on having this done (even though it was on the estimate).  Hiring a professional baby proofing company is not cheap.  But at least they measure and bring the correct gates!  Before hiring a company I spend hundreds of dollars on gates that did not fit well, and socket plugs that can be pulled out.  Plus I had to put things up myself.  I generally agree that you shouldn't pay upfront for products that you have not received, but I was not charged for anything extra and I expected to pay an up-charge to have someone apply/ nail/ screw and stick everything in the correct place.  I would recommend this company.

"We have never taken a notification on every phone call, but what we have taken notifications on is every child reported to us as being at risk. That example you raised would clearly fall under that category."

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I wish I had checked Yelp before hiring this company.  I had the same problem as the others.  He's very responsive until you pay.  Then he will no longer answer any phone calls or emails.  I really had no problem with the service initially.  But when they came to do the installation there were a few items that weren't in stock and would take 2-4 weeks to arrive.  I figured no big deal, I paid for everything in full, including the items that were to be delivered.  It's been 2 months and I still haven't gotten the items I ordered.  And he has not responded to my emails or phone messages asking to find out when they would arrive.  I've asked for a refund, but no response.  If you end up using this company in spite of the negative reviews, do yourself a favor and only pay for what you receive and do NOT pay in advance for anything.

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