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Child Safety Gates

Set up appointment for this AM at 7:30 and Gene never showed. My wife wasted her morning waiting and when I tried to call, his voicemail was full. Don't waste your time with this place--unless your time isn't valuable and you like getting stood up.

Unless you are tim the toolman Taylor, you may have no idea what you are doing when it comes time to baby proof your house.  I highly recommend you call Gene! He pointed out hazards we didn't realize we had and provided affordable and practical solutions.  The house was baby-proofed in less than a day, saving us time, money and most importantly doing this the right way.  Do you really want to take a guess on how to install a gate on your third floor?  Me neither. Gene is super nice and also cleans up as he goes so all that is left is your nice safe house!

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Safe Baby Boundaries is a great service!! As a mother of 3, keeping my children safe is my top priority. After inquiring within, they came out right away to do a home evaluation. They returned just a few days later to complete the installation. Not only was the process quick and easy, but I am confident my home is Baby Safe. I am so pleased with the result. Thanks SBB for putting this busy mom at ease!! Holly C. Lincoln Park

Baby Gates

Gene installed our three baby gates nearly 6 years ago (all still in perfectly good condition!), and just recently came back to help install some new cabinet locks.  He was quick, friendly, and very professional.  I would recommend him to all..

It is a pleasure to be a client of Safe Baby Boundaries.  We recently moved into a new house, and I'm happy to say that this is the second home that SBB has made safe for our daughter.  Gene is as professional as they come, explains all of your safety options, and doesn't try to up-sell you on unnecessary work.  My daughter is a very curious girl, and I'm quite confident in her security at home as Gene placed safety gates on each landing of stairways on both the inside and outside of the house, as well as safety latches on many drawers and cabinets.  Furthermore, he anchored many free-standing pieces of furniture to the wall to prevent accidental pull-downs.   As he works, Gene cleans up any residual dirt from drilling, packaging material, etc.  When it comes time to remove the safety devices, Gene will come back out and make things look as if he was never there.  Fantastic! I have no hesitation in recommending and encouraging everyone I know (and you on Yelp) with a small child(ren) to call Gene and have Safe Baby Boundaries come out and make your home safe too.

Child Safety Tips At Home

Gene did a wonderful job baby proofing our new home! He was professional, fast and pleasant to work with. The baby gates he installed look beautiful and are sturdy. I liked that Gene lets you decide how much or how little you want to baby proof. . .I will definitely be hiring him again to do other baby proofing jobs in our home.

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