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But we need your help: First, it is imperative to never leave children alone in or around a vehicle, for any reason. It can only take a minute for one of these vehicle risks to seriously injure or kill your child. Second, we need to work together to teach children the dangers of playing in and around cars. Teaching vehicle safety will go many miles in the efforts to keep kids safe.

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In the span of 10 minutes, a car can heat up by 20 degrees, enough to kill a child left alone in a vehicle. Children are at a higher risk than adults of dying from heatstroke in a hot vehicle, especially when they are too young to alert others for help.

Where the information you require is not available on our publication scheme or disclosure log, you may make an application under the Right to Information Act 2009. Where the information you require is your own personal information, you may make an application under the Information Privacy Act 2009.

In May 2007, in response to the recommendations of the Forde Inquiry, the Queensland Government established the $100 million Forde Redress Scheme to acknowledge the abuse or neglect suffered by children placed in Queensland institutions by providing ex-gratia payments to those who were harmed.

You can only apply to amend your own personal information, and you must have had access to the information which you believe is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading. Not all information can be amended, for example a doctor’s expert opinion is unlikely to be amended, even if it was subsequently found to be incorrect. However, if may be possible to include a notation on the file to that effect.

Within 25 business days of receipt of a completed compliant application, you should receive the related electronic Forde Redress record. You can elect (via the application form) whether to receive it by secure email, registered post, or collection from a local departmental office.

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The Queensland Government's Open Data Revolution aims to make as much government data as possible freely available to the public to support the development of innovative solutions and real improvements to the way government services are delivered. We publish datasets on the Open data portal.

Care history summary statements can be used as evidence that a person was in out of home care and provide the dates and locations of placements. Our administrative release team has arrangements with the Forde Foundation and Lotus Place to provide care history summary statements to people engaging with them. If you are not engaged with Forde Foundation or Lotus Place, you can apply for a care history summary statement directly from us by completing the Application for care history summary statement form .

Heatstroke is one of the leading causes of non-crash-related fatalities among children. Vehicle heatstroke occurs when a child is left in a hot vehicle, allowing for the child’s temperature to rise in a quick and deadly manner. Heatstroke begins when the core body temperature reaches about 104 degrees and the thermoregulatory system is overwhelmed. A core body temperature of about 107 degrees is lethal. Unfortunately, even great parents can forget a child in the back seat. Other risk factors include caregivers who aren’t used to driving kids, or whose routine suddenly changes.

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