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I purchased my first Perma Multi Purpose barrier from Bunnings a couple months ago and purchased another one on the weekend. You can add as many panels as you want together to make a large play area or room divider. I used three panels to block off my stairs and the rest of the panels I used to make a large play area. I did my research and looked at a couple different baby stores but all I could find were playpens upwards of $250 which aren't any different to the Perma playpens I have bought for only $129.

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I purchased two of the auto closing Perma child safety gates and initially I had no issues and the product operated as described. Some months later, it becomes evident that the auto closing feature was unreliable and even manually closing the gate was not efficient as the lock was not secure. My 1 year old has now had two incidents of crawling through the gate but has got his foot stuck under the swinging gate and has screamed in pain and been unable to get himself free. Luckily, I was just steps away when this occurred and was able to free my son but with extreme difficulty which caused him more pain and distress. I urge all parents to avoid this product and instead by the Dreambaby child safety gates which are a much more superior product.

Usually about $35. The Regalo Easy Step baby gate is a great option, and one of the best-selling baby gates on the market. Because it is not for use near stairs, it uses pressure mounts for installation that push out against two walls. It fits openings from about 29-39" wide, and in our testing, we needed to add an extension to get it to fit one of our larger openings of about 42". Or you can just purchase the wider version that includes extensions for up to 50" applications, or the enormous and frankly quite excellent Regalo 192" super wide baby gate! That Regalo super wide gate is perfect for sectioning off an entire room or making a circular playpen. The gate uses a unique lever-locking mechanism, which we found logical to use, but some of our reviewers said they needed to use two hands to open it (to pull back and lift up simultaneously), which was a pain. Personally, my husband and I could do it with one hand after getting the hang of it. We also found the opening pretty narrow, especially for wider thighs and hips, or if you're carrying something. It's also rather short, so if your toddler is becoming a monkey this definitely won't stop them. There is a taller version of this Regalo gate, which you can check out here. Note that the gate only swings one way, it cannot be reversed. Also, when you close it, you need to latch it yourself using the same (difficult for some) locking mechanism. Overall, we thought the build quality was quite good, and when mounted correctly it felt very secure and not possible for little fingers to figure out (with older kids about 5+ able to figure out with both hands). Note that while this gate suggests it can be used at the top of stairs, we do not suggest this type of application: it has a step-over rail at the bottom of the gate, which is a tripping hazard for that type of application. Interested? You can check out this Regalo Baby Gate here.

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