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Child Safety Laws In India

Child victims of commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, and human trafficking are more likely to be children from marginalized groups, such as low-caste Hindus, members of tribal communities, and religious minorities. (75) Children from marginalized groups also face barriers to accessing education. These children are sometimes subjected to discrimination and harassment from their teachers. (102; 103; 104)

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In addition, in 2016, there were 187 cases investigated, 103 cases charged and sent to trial, and 3 cases convicted involving the Bonded Labor System (Abolition) Act in 2016; however, these data were not disaggregated between adults and children and the punishments for offenders are unknown. (131) The Government of India also identified and removed 2,950 children from forced labor, 236 from commercial sexual exploitation, and 115 from domestic servitude in 2016. (138)

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In 2017, labor law enforcement agencies in India took actions to combat child labor (Table 6). However, gaps exist within the operations of the State Government Labor Inspectorates that may hinder adequate labor law enforcement, including that the central government does not collect data on state government and territory funding and employment of labor inspectors.

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Within India, children are trafficked for commercial sexual exploitation and for forced labor in domestic service. (97; 95; 75) Children are also forced to work as bonded laborers in brick kilns and stone quarries to pay off family debts owed to moneylenders and employers. (2; 101) Children from India’s rural areas migrate or are trafficked for employment in industries, such as spinning mills and cottonseed production, in which they are forced to work in hazardous environments for little or no pay. (73; 25) In addition, armed Maoist groups reportedly recruited children to serve as soldiers in the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Odisha, and West Bengal. (99; 75)

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