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Child Safety Freedom Of Information

The Queensland Government's Open Data Revolution aims to make as much government data as possible freely available to the public to support the development of innovative solutions and real improvements to the way government services are delivered. We publish datasets on the Open data portal.

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If you applied for Forde Redress, you or your authorised representative may apply for administrative access to particular documents held on your Forde Redress file and the Redress database, including:

Child Wellbeing And Safety Information Sharing Scheme

You will need to pay an application fee when you make an RTI application.  There is no application fee for making an IP application, however you will need  to give the department evidence of your identity (e.g. a certified copy of your  driver licence).

You can only apply to amend your own personal information, and you must have had access to the information which you believe is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading. Not all information can be amended, for example a doctor’s expert opinion is unlikely to be amended, even if it was subsequently found to be incorrect. However, if may be possible to include a notation on the file to that effect.

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To access other information, you may need to make a formal application under the Right to Information Act 2009 or the Information Privacy Act 2009 (if it relates to your personal information). We recommend contacting us prior to lodging a formal application.

However, if you are a child who is currently in care or transitioning from care you are encouraged to approach your Child Safety Service Centre before applying for this service. Your Child Safety Officer will often be able to provide information without requiring a formal application.

You may apply to amend documents containing personal information you believe  is inaccurate, misleading, out of date or incomplete. You need to have seen or  accessed the documents before you can apply to have them amended.

The agency will typically first search for the records and then review them to determine what can be disclosed. While FOIA allows for many records to be released, there are also nine exemptions that protect certain types of information, such as personal privacy and law enforcement interests. The length of time to respond to your request will vary depending on its complexity and any backlog of requests.

Child Wellbeing And Safety (information Sharing) Regulations 2018

The Subpoena: guide for issuing parties Subpoena: guide for issuing parties and Subpoena: guide to child protection documents Subpoena: guide to child protection documents provide more information about the department's processes to produce documents to the courts.

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The FOI Act not only gives people the right to request documents relating to their personal affairs but also provides for people to request documents about any of the activities of a government agency. The FOI Act also gives an individual the right to request amendment of incorrect or misleading information held by an agency about the individual. The intention of the FOI Act is to provide the maximum amount of government information promptly and inexpensively to the public.

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Applications for a payment under the scheme opened 1 October 2007 and closed 30 September 2008. More than 10,200 applications were received by the closing date, with over 7,400 applications assessed as eligible for payment under the scheme. The scheme was finalised in June 2010.

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