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Child Safety Kit App

After the initial signup, you’ll have to tell the app how often you drive in a week. This information is used for accurate rating, so make sure you provide the right information and so do your teens. Afterwards, you can use the gray button on the bottom left corner to start adding family members to track their driving habits.

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All the registered family members are shown on an interactive map in real-time and you can start a chat just by tapping on their profile. If you want to track multiple families or want to create separate groups for kids and adults, then there is also an option to create dedicated groups.

Interestingly, SPIN Safe Browser allows YouTube, but it automatically blocks channels that show inappropriate content for kids. So your kids can safely enjoy using YouTube. Best of all, it has no private browsing mode, therefore your kids can’t do any hidden surfing.

App tracks driving habits of all your family members and everyone can see the score of other members and compare. This basically creates a competition for the best score where your teen will be motivated to ride safely in order to beat other family members.

The filtering simply works. Just launch the browser and start exploring. If kids will try accessing any inappropriate website – either directly or through a link – it will block it. Some of the blocked content include adult content, drugs, alcohol, weapons, malware, phishing websites, proxy sites, gambling, and more.

Child Safety Kits For The Home

Just install the app on your teen’s phone and it will automatically track all your teen’s driving habits and rate all their trips. You can see their current location and how they drove to reach that location. For the rating, it records over speeding, sudden breaks, phone usage during a ride, and a few other factors to give an accurate rating.

Child Safety Door Locks Lever Handles Uk

This is actually a game rather than an app, but it’s one of the best tools you can have to keep your kids safe. Knowledge is the key to safety, and this game provides exactly that. There are 12 chapters in the game that make your kids go through a different set of activities to learn what to do in different emergency situations.

So I must admit that when I clicked the link on Facebook for a FREE Child Safe Kit, that I would get them in the mail. Then a rep from AIL called me to set up an appointment to deliver the kits and activate this app. I thought it was a scam at first, but I had this gut feeling to make the appointment. The kits and app are really FREE as advertised. I also got a discount card and a $2,000 AD&D gift certificate for a 1 year policy. The rep is a life insurance agent which is the “catch” but she was super nice and knowledgeable. She explained the different types of insurance and I didn’t know the life insurance I had through my job really worked. I did get some insurance but I didn’t have to. I’m glad I went with my gut. Now I really feel that my family really is protected between the kit, app and life insurance. I highly recommend that you set an appointment if they call you from AIL! The app is great as well!

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