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Child Safety Kit App

I have to say I am very impressed. Thought it was just going to be a paper card with some finger prints when I requested my kit - didn’t know they’ve gotten so advanced (like everything in this day and age I guess lol) Very thorough representative, walked me through everything and helped me set everything up. This is definitely an amazing kit. Thank you for AIL and the International Union of Police for looking out for our youth of today.

We encourage you to share the word about this app with family and friends, especially during upcoming activities in your communities to raise awareness on crime and drug prevention. For its part, the FBI is working to publicize the app with the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA)—its long-time partner in the National Child Identification Program, which provides a physical kit to gather your child’s pictures, fingerprints, personal characteristics, and even DNA to keep with you in case of emergency. The AFCA is producing a public service announcement about the app and will spread the word at various football games during the upcoming season. 

An important note: the FBI (and iTunes for that matter) is not collecting or storing any photos or information that you enter in the app. All data resides solely on your mobile device unless you need to send it to authorities. Please read your mobile provider’s terms of service for information about the security of applications stored on your device. 

Child Safe Kit®

If you can track your child’s phone activity and current location, I believe it should be enough to keep them in a safe circle. Kaspersky Safe Kids and Life360 are the perfect apps to achieve this goal and they both offer the necessary features for free.

The game is voice-narrated in a very clear English and the vocabulary is also very basic. I played the first chapter “Stranger at door”, and I can assure the content is child-friendly with lots of extra tips for a better attitude. For example, the child is instructed to help with cleaning the home even though it’s not the part of the lesson.

child safety harness for booster seat

One thing I really liked is that the game usually offers 2 acceptable options in a question, but only one option is optimal. This helps the kids make a better decision as they would know why the other acceptable option is less useful in the current situation.

Child Safety Seat Recommendations

The game is also easy to play. Your child just needs to answer the right choice in a particular situation to progress further. If they choose a wrong option, they are clearly instructed why it is wrong and you should not do that.

Child Safety Llc New Haven Ct

Irresponsible driving is a big concern for the parents of teens. No matter how much you teach your teens about driving safely, there teen instincts may kick in any time – leading to rogue driving. Not anymore though, with the help of TrueMotion you can not only track your teen’s driving habits but also motivate them to drive safely.

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