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Whatever their mental or physical impairments parents should be given the necessary disability support to care for their children to maintain a reasonable standard of health and development. (s.17(10) Children Act 1989).[21]

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The device is absolutely easy to be operated, and does not require any form of specialized training. A lot of research has gone in developing the protocol of the solution. As per the operating standard, as soon as the student passes through the Smart Gate Reader, an SMS will be triggered automatically to the parents mobile. The system has a well-developed web based interface, which is capable of real time monitoring & reporting. The solution eliminates the need of human interference, in order to operate the hardware. The attendance captured is registered immediately, with an option of pulling up daily as well as monthly reports in different formats. The solution can be instrumental in improving student attendance ratio. Since reports can be pulled with just a click, it reduces the administrative work. An administrator can generate customized report, based on his needs. Moreover, user doesn’t have to spend much on trainings, since this is easy to operate. The system has built in notification system, which triggers the alerts, along with real time student dashboard, which will display live data.

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There is both a business and social imperative to give all the opportunity for safely and satisfactorily consuming the offerings of producers. Some, may not have the capacity to be capable of giving proper consent or agreement for the products that best serve their needs to use those products safely. In the case of parents, their children's needs to keep their children safe. This is called Legal Disability.

Recognizing that the child, for the full and harmonious development of his or her personality, should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding… should be afforded the right to survival; to develop to the fullest; to protection from harmful influences, abuse and exploitation; and to participate fully in family, cultural and social life.

It is the "manner" of acting that is important: is this activity being carried out safely after an appropriate risk assessment to meet the duty of care in the law of negligence established by Donoghue. The person responsible for a child should know the child's food allergies and check any product content for potential food intolerances before allowing the child to consume the product.

An animal is a possession whilst a child is a person and this distinction was a central intention of the Children Act 1989. Lord McKay also said when introducing the act, "The days when a child was regarded as a possession of his family, indeed to sue on their loss, are today buried forever". The child is socially and emotionally developed, whilst he lacks capacity, by full involvement in the decision making process in his best interests until he becomes competent as Gillick Competent.

A parent, person with parental responsibility for a child, has an express liability, whoever is responsible for the child at the time (s.17 of the act). Just as in employment health and safety, the powers of parenthood can be delegated but not the duties. Parents should make arrangements for suitable and properly informed others to have responsibility for their children (see also s.2(9)-(11) Children Act 1989).

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