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Blinds can also be a temptation for children and may lead to strangulation with the drawstrings. Several companies sell devices that shorten the cords or that keep the cords out of your child's reach. You can also order special blinds that are cordless so that there are no strings for young children to pull.

Working Protocol: - When Student walks through the gate , attendance will marked and automatic SMS will be generated & sent to Parents. RFID School Attendance System Student Tracking system School Tracking system

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Once your baby stops sleeping in a crib, you will want to keep your child from falling out of bed or getting out if you don't want him to. No matter what type of bed you are using, you can install bed rails to protect your son or daughter. The wall is not a good substitute because the child can get stuck between the wall and the mattress or box spring; it is better to have a rail on both sides of the bed.

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Scaling from too-hot bathwater is another danger. While you should adjust the water temperature in your home to 120 degrees F to lower the risk of burns, you can also purchase anti-scald detectors to warn you if the water is too hot.

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Protecting little fingers from being pinched by slamming doors or in bi-fold doors is another reason to install safety devices. There are a couple of ways you can do this, depending on the type of doors you have.

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While many child safety devices exist to help parents, none of these take the place of proper supervision. Knowing that your child is naturally curious and will want to explore will help keep your frustration level down when he does something that puzzles you. Keep your child free from injury by taking steps to keep harmful substances and items out of his way.

Power strips have multiple electrical outlets that could be dangerous. Power strip covers guard the plugs from curious children but still allow you to use the outlets; these covers may also be adjustable to allow you to insert larger plugs like chargers or computer plugs.

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Depending on the types of cabinets or drawers that you have in the bathroom, you can get latches to keep inquisitive babies and toddlers out of potentially dangerous cleaning supplies or medicine cabinets.

The device is absolutely easy to be operated, and does not require any form of specialized training. A lot of research has gone in developing the protocol of the solution. As per the operating standard, as soon as the student passes through the Smart Gate Reader, an SMS will be triggered automatically to the parents mobile. The system has a well-developed web based interface, which is capable of real time monitoring & reporting. The solution eliminates the need of human interference, in order to operate the hardware. The attendance captured is registered immediately, with an option of pulling up daily as well as monthly reports in different formats. The solution can be instrumental in improving student attendance ratio. Since reports can be pulled with just a click, it reduces the administrative work. An administrator can generate customized report, based on his needs. Moreover, user doesn’t have to spend much on trainings, since this is easy to operate. The system has built in notification system, which triggers the alerts, along with real time student dashboard, which will display live data.

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