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Baby Safety Door Locks

The best part of tempered glass is the clean up. It falls apart into small pieces rather than large shards with sharp edges making it much easier and safer of a clean up. Since it is stronger than regular glass it is safe in areas of high traffic. Tempered glass is great in any window or door for the increased safety benefits it provides.

child safety tips at home

First, keep all furniture away from open windows. Children are full of energy and if they are playing on the furniture near an open window it increases the likelihood of an accident happening. Make sure all furniture is a good distance away from the window so that a child could not easily access it.

Glass doors and glass inlays on doors are nice to look at but could also pose a danger if hit. Glass can be a pain to clean up and could also result in injury. Try replacing the glass with tempered glass or finding a door with fiberglass inlays to decrease the dangers of broken glass.

The invention of shades or blinds inside the glass panes within doors and windows was not only a smart idea but also a safe one. Dangling cords from window and door shades pose a great danger to children. As said above, children are full of energy and will play with anything they can get their hands on. Most of those cords are at eye level for them to grab and it can be a safety hazard if they get tangled up in it. If you do have shades with cords that dangle to the floor, make sure you find a way to place them higher so they are out of reach of any child’s hands to keep them safe.

Child Safety Gates For Angled Walls

In the summer months, many people forget to lock their windows after closing them. Window security is important to keep everyone safe. With the summer nights being breezy and cool, people want to leave their windows open. In these cases, it is important to have interior locks on the window. Many windows now have security latches at two different levels to allow for the window to stay open for ventilation in a safe way. This allows for fresh air as well as the safety of having your window locked.

Tempered glass is something that everyone should be aware of. You might not even know that there is tempered glass all around you. Hockey rink boards as well as car windshields are both made of tempered glass for example. It is much stronger and is more heat resistant than regular glass.

Another door safety tip is making sure you have a solid door on your house. Most of us have seen those movies where a bad guy kicks in a door to gain access somewhere. This could be a reality if there is not a safe door on a house. Some options for new solid doors are fiberglass, solid wood, or a door with a solid wood core and a metal door. This allows for maximum security while still looking aesthetically pleasing to the eye

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