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Child Safety Harness For Motorcycle

Though my daughter, who is younger and braver, sometimes suggested riding without the CRV Belt, both kids felt secure in it, and it has proven comfortable on a wide variety of bikes. On short rides, such as the few blocks to school, we used just a belt with handholds after about age 9. But until they were in their teens, they requested the CRV for anything more than a few minutes.

Carry your coat, umbrella, yoga mat, phone, newspaper, water bottle, hat, scarf, gloves, wallet, change purse, MP3 player, camera… The Coat Tote™ is designed for consumers to secure their coat and other common travel items to a specially equipped shoulder strap for hands-free carrying.  More about Cote Tote

I’m still not ready to ride cross-country with a kid—especially not moto-narcoleptic Ruby—but with good gear and the added security of the Moto-Grip, we all love shorter trips. “I feel like a rock star,” Kiva remarked after a recent GSX-R jaunt. “Everyone’s looking at me!” What father wouldn’t feel good hearing that? I just hope everyone is thinking about how safe and well-protected she looks up there, and doesn’t miss her ear-to-ear grin.

The aftermarket has a number of solutions. The simplest is one of the several types of belts for the rider with handholds for the passenger, like the Buddy Belt ($50) from G&G; or the Pillion Pal from Family You may be able to offer a passenger similar security by attaching handhold loops to your regular pants or jacket belt. However, kids have trouble remembering to hold on all the time, so I rarely used this solution until they were 10 or older.

The Moto-Grip™ is the first motorcycle passenger safety accessory of its kind. Worn by the motorcycle operator and gripped by the passenger, the harness and handgrips are positioned high to ensure maximum stability and comfort for operator and passenger.  More about  Moto-Grip™

Subs™ are an innovative, new, urban fashion accessory specifically designed for saggers who want to maintain their sag without constantly pulling up their pants. Subs cinch around the waist and are worn underneath the shirt, creating a subtle, but very distinct and edgy look.  More about Subs™

Child Safety Gates For Uneven Walls

What's going to happen if the rider must stop quickly? Will he grab the child with one arm, and thereby probably lose control of the bike if he really has to panic stop, or will he keep control of the bike and watch the kid fly off the front of the bike? Neither option bodes well for the child. And when he goes flying, that oversize helmet will probably come off his head. That loss of an oversize helmets happens—to adults as well as children—much more often than most motorcyclists realize, but kids wearing helmetas that are way too large are most like to be the victims.

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Here's a typical disaster in the making, one that I've seen far too frequently. A motorcyclist rides down the street with a kid sitting in front of him, a helmet four sizes too large bouncing around on the child's head, its little hands trying to hold onto the gas tank or the rider's legs. The kid interferes with the rider's control of the bike, the first strike against them.

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