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Child Car Seat Rules Spain

Your number plate should be an EU type with the ring of stars containing your country code, or a small plate/sticker with your country code which should be secured to the rear of the car. Other items that you must carry include a valid insurance certificate and green card (if applicable) although many insurance companies cover you for a set period on mainland Europe, all vehicle documents relating to the car (legally certified copies that carry a stamp are acceptable).

If you’re looking for a travel car seat for a toddler, we’d recommend using a high-backed booster seat instead, whenever possible. The booster seats we've tested have not proved as safe in our crash tests as high-backed booster seats with a full-length back and 'wings', as these provide extra protection for the head and chest in a side-impact crash.

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We've heard some horror stories from parents about the travel car seat they've been offered by car hire companies on arrival. These range from turning up to travel and finding no baby car seat available, to having to travel with a toddler car seat that’s the incorrect size for a child.

Points – Some offences that resulted in the loss of points on a licence have been removed such as parking in a bus lane or up on the curb, driving without lights, using a prohibited vehicle on the motorway, driving without due car and attention.

Is a car seat required in a taxi? A child can travel in a taxi without a child car seat if there isn't one available. The child has to sit in the back seat. and if he or she is three years or older the car's seat belt has to be used.

For young babies, where it's not possible to sit them on the seat and a car seat isn't an option, it may be possible to keep them in their pushchair in the back of a black London taxi (Hackney carriage).

If you are driving in Spain and you are from outside of the EU you will need an International Driving Licence issued by the correct authority in your home country. It must also have one page of information in Spanish.

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There are many road related deaths in Spain and the government are trying very hard to reduce the figures. It is common to see checkpoints at various junctions where you may be asked for your documentation. In some cases they might check to ensure you have all of the basic requirements in your car for driving in Spain and may even ask you for a breath test. The best advice we can give is to leave the car at home if you are planning to drink.

Child Car Seat Rules Spain

Exceptions: If a car does not have seat belts in the back seat, a child can go in the front seat with the correct car seat and the airbag deactivated. If you want to transport three children in the back seat, but you only have room for two car seats, the oldest child may use the car's seat belt – we'd suggest the middle seat.

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