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Child Safety Lever Door Knob Covers

4. Block off the fireplace: Babyproof a fireplace without sacrificing aesthetics too much by covering the opening with a piece of magnetic chalkboard. It will block off the entrance and give little ones a surface on which to draw and play with magnets (choose large magnets that don’t pose a choking hazard).

A simple and hassle-free solution to child-proofing your home, you can clip these door knobs on to make your home safer for your child. These baby proof door knobs come in a pack of 4, allowing you to child-proof multiple doors in your home.

28+ Child Safety Door Covers Lever

If you have other door handles in your home, then this is the child-proofing system that you are looking for. The lever lock is an easy installation device that keeps the door handles in place and prevents your child from turning them when not needed.

This childproof door handle lever comes with an adhesive back that can be easily installed on your doors. It also has a decoy button that can divert your child’s attention when trying to unlock the door.

2. Cover outlets: Put adhesive bandages or duct tape over electrical outlets if you don’t have plastic covers (this trick works great at hotels and family and friends’ houses too!). Avoid cartoon varieties of bandages, because they can attract little ones’ attention.

So go ahead and get these easy child proof door knob covers and locks for your home and prevent your child from entering areas that are not entirely safe for them. You can also use them to keep your children away from harmful chemicals and kitchen cutlery.

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Not only does it work with any kind of doors and handles, but it is also absolutely easy to install. You can adjust the height according to your preferences, and it is easily openable from either side.

It is important that your house remains a safe place for your child at all times. These simple devices are not only pocket-friendly but are easily installable and also makes sure that your child remains safe.

5. Place dishtowels out of reach: Nix the dishtowel hanging off of your oven door handle. Tots can pull down on it and open a hot oven or injure themselves with the heavy door. Move towels to a higher shelf or windowsill, or put up command hooks out of reach.

Child Safety Gates For Fireplaces

7. Create a TP protector: Babies love to unroll toilet paper as much as pets do. Keep your TP intact and out of baby’s hands and mouth with a two-liter soda bottle! Cut off the top and bottom of the bottle and cut a slit down the remaining center piece. Use tape to cover sharp, raw edges and slide the container over your toilet roll to cover it. See the tutorial at My Frugal Baby Tips.

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It comes with an adhesive side which you can easily stick onto the door frame and an adjustable strap. It can easily adjust to the size of your feline. It also functions as a perfect child-proof device that ensures your child doesn’t enter rooms that aren’t entirely safe for them.

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