Code Amber Announces Transition to Personal Safety Solutions Provider

December 16th, 2014 – Coos Bay, OR.Code Amber ( today embarks on a new initiative to provide resources and information on products and services designed to help the public protect and defend themselves in the event of attack or abduction.

“After over 12 years of publishing the most widely read news ticker dedicated to the missing, both children and adults, we are moving in a new direction going forward” said Code Amber founder Bryant Harper.

Founded in 2002 with the mission of advocating the adoption of the Amber Alert system throughout the US and the world, Code Amber developed the renowned Code Amber Ticker for websites and desktops. The Code Amber Ticker has been downloaded over one million times over the years and seen by the public billions of times.

Thousands of Amber Alerts for children and Silver Alerts for Seniors have been published on the Tickers and have been instrumental in the recovery of missing people many times.

Since the inception of Code Amber the Amber Alert system has spread from only 13 US states in 2002 to all 50 states and all US territories plus Canada and other European countries and Australia as of today.

“When I started Code Amber my goal was to make Amber Alerts so highly visible through immediate media and Internet saturation that the system itself would become a deterrent to those even thinking of abducting and harming a child. Although there are still too many incidences of child abduction and Amber Alerts, there have definitely been fewer of them in the recent past than we were experiencing a few years ago” continued Harper.

While Code Amber will continue to advocate for both the Amber Alert and Silver Alert systems the new focus of the website will be on prevention through personal safety and self defense products and training.

All of the resources presented and/or reviewed on the Code Amber site will be considered to be of the highest quality and provide exceptional value for the money. In addition, all vendors of products or services presented will be verified as well.

Anyone wishing to add a product or service to the new Code Amber should contact the company through the website and be prepared to supply a sample of the product and verification of their eCommerce facilities.

About Code Amber:
Code Amber was founded in 2002 by Bryant Harper to publish Amber Alerts via proprietary World Wide Web technologies which include the use of scripts and feeds made available to website owners and corporate partners for both on and off line distribution of alerts. Code Amber is not a non-profit organization. Code Amber has always been operated and funded by the Harper family and through contributions made by the web community and corporate partners.