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Colorado Self-Defense Laws

Leading Denver criminal defense attorneys review Colorado’s self-defense regulations.

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1) In Colorado, we have something called a Make-My-Day law. Under C.R.S. 18-1- 704.5, Colorado legislation allows you to utilize sensible physical pressure to defend yourself or somebody else when somebody has unjustifiably entered your house. However you have to reasonably think that the intruder has or will commit a crime and make use of physical force versus any type of occupant, despite just how mild. In certain situations, fatal force may also be justified.

2) Colorado law enables you to use affordable physical pressure to safeguard yourself or others when you fairly think somebody is making use of, or will use, unlawful physical force against you or another individual.

3) Initial aggressors are not permitted to combat back in self-defense unless they take out as well as interact their intent to the other individual, as well as the other person remains to battle anyhow.

4) People may legitimately make use of deadly physical force versus others only if you reasonably think a lower degree of pressure is insufficient, AND either the aggressor will commit rape, burglary, kidnapping, murder, or wonderful physical injury.


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