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CREE LED Telescoping Extendable Tactical Baton Bat Self-Defense Strikelight Torch Flashlight review

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► The LED Bat Flashlight is Extendable high-power LED zoom flashlight; Water Resistant, sturdy & all set for all problems! Perfect for use with while outdoor camping, fishing or walking.
► Easy to Carry: LED Bat Flashlight gives hands-free operation for a range of tasks; it has a lanyard hanging fastening so you can bring it without having your hands full.
► Water Resistant: LED Bat Flashlight is water immune, so you can now use the flashlight on a wet day or for any type of sort of emergency situation.
► Battery: Includes one 18650 Lithium Ion Battery, It additionally has the choice of making use of 3 x AAA batteries (battery adapter consisted of), so you don’t have to fret regarding being left without batteries. Its golden function is its very easy operation. Merely activate the tail cap to activate flashlight.