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Dojo vs Street: De La Riva Guard: BJJ Self-Defense

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Matt Bryers: Co-Founder of TRITAC-Jitsu, Kobukai Ju-Jitsu Black Belt and also Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black belt shows you the best ways to make use of the BJJ De La Riva Guard for Self-Defense.

The de la Riva guard was developed by as well as made popular by Ricardo de la Riva, however is currently is becoming an one-of-a-kind BJJ Guard system in itself.

The de la Riva guard provides you a VERY high level control over your challenger, due to the “wrapping” of the leg, which closes down your opponents structure beginning at the knee. This makes passing the guard difficult.

The de la Riva guard creates opportunies that allows you to attack with: moves, back takes, chokes, leglocks as well as armlocks.

The de la Riva guard also is a sensible self-defense strategy, particularly when your opponent is standing as well as you are based.

The de la Riva guard is mainly used against standing opponents, which is typical from a self-defense perspective.