Personal Safety

Emergency Personal Alarm – Siren Song, Extremely Loud 120dB with LED Flashlight, Safesound Alarms Keychain for Women, Kids. Self Defense Protection, Safe Sound Rape Whistle Devices by Vondior (Black)

KEEPING SAFE AND SOUND – Out on a night jog, having your kids coming home alone from school, or your teenager daughter out at a party, are all situations where safety is a major concern. Facing a life threatening crisis requires a self-defense device that can both deter the attacker and attract immediate attention. With the Vondior Alarm, a would-be assailant is instantaneously stunned and disoriented. Simultaneously, its blaring alarm catches the attention of passers-by to come to the rescue.

PROTECTION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Other devices on the market offer safety but carry risks and are difficult to master effectively. In the face of a life-threatening assault, you need a simple and quick solution that requires no thinking. With the Vondior Alarm, simply pull the pin, and its ear-piercing alarm will sound continuously for up to a half hour. Fitting even a young child‘s palm, this personal keychain alarm scares off an attacker and draws instant attention. It is simply a lifesaver.

EAR-POPPING SOUND IN A ‘NUTSHELL’ – Employing nano technology, the Vondior Alarm is uniquely portable pocket sized made it easy to keep handy and activate fast! This sirensong keychain alarm attaches to your purse, school bag or belt, is walnut-sized, yet generates a screaming siren of 120 decibels – as loud as a Concorde taking off at full thrust – giving panic button security to a child, an elderly person or a woman vital seconds to flee the scene, and attract the attention of bystanders.

LIGHT UP YOUR WAY – When night falls, it’s prudent to be more vigilant. The darkness brings with it the risk of undesirable situations of helplessness. One simple way to avoid the stress is to gear up with a powerful light. Built-in to this personal keychain alarm is a mini LED flashlight to illuminate a simple walking of the dog in the park or when unlocking your front door when coming home late. Reassuring much-needed light is only a click away.

GOOD LOOKS, PERFECT GIFT IDEA – Safety measures don’t have to come in a large ugly package. This personal self-defense keychain alarm comes in various stylish colors and has a sleek look to blend in harmoniously with your purse and your complete look. This gadget comes beautifully wrapped and make the perfect gift, order one for every lady in your family and rest easy knowing that your loved ones are protected.

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