Personal Safety

Emergency Self-Defense Alarm Keychain 3 Pack Portable Personal Alarm for Women's Safety. Beautifully Designed Anti-Theft Keychain Perfect For Elderly Women Night Worker Kids Student To Deter Attacker.

✔ MULTI-PURPOSE: This alarm & its features is ideal for all ages. Whether you are male or female, old or young, this alarm keychain is absolutely necessary for your security. It’s an Essential Tool, a must have for Women, Elderly, Children, Students, Night Workers, Joggers, Disabled. It’s A MUST HAVE for People Who Live Alone, Love Hiking, Traveling, Walking the Dog or Camping. 120 DB Alarm helps call for assistance. If you need help or in troubles, use this amazingly loud alarm.

✔ HIGH QUALITY: This emergency personal alarm has shell that’s made of high quality environmental friendly ABS plastic material, resistance to fall, crush, high voltage, and high temperature. our product is different from others, it’s very small but very loud to attract assistance from a long distance. It won’t break in most adverse condition.

✔ REASON TO CHOOSE : As parents, you need to buy this personal alarm keychain to protect yourselves and especially your children in case of emergency situation. It will drive attackers and intruders away and draws help to you with its very loud alarm. It will give you peace of mind that you and your children are safe. This alarm is small and unnoticeable.

✔ EASY TO USE: Simply pull out the hand strap, and this ear-piercing 120 db alarm will activate for up to 40 minutes of continuous sound. To turn it off, simply insert the hand strap to the plug. You can start using it immediately, it comes with high quality battery, automatic power-saving features that make battery to last up to a year before replacement.

✔ BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: Beautiful design makes it look like a decoration on Bags, Backpacks, Belt-Loops, School Bags, Suitcases, Purses, Wheel Chairs, House Keys Car Keys

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