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Focused Impact Volume 1: A Practical Course In Self-Defense With Tactical Pens

Showcasing Michael D. Janich

Funded by Tuff Writer Tactical Pens

A tactical pen is nothing more compared to a high-quality pen that provides just the same features as a purpose-designed “clenched fist tons” weapon like a Kubotan or yawara stick, but in the type of an ordinary-looking pen that could be brought basically anywhere. But exactly what really makes a tactical pen “tactical” is your capacity to power it with a sound collection of physical abilities.

In this revolutionary video, acclaimed protection trainer Michael Janich offers you those skills as well as eliminates the several misconceptions that border making use of pens in self-defense. His detailed program consists of whatever you should know to really utilize a pen as a reliable personaldefense weapon, consisting of: tools selection, proper grasp, bring alternatives and attracts, striking techniques, and also pressure-point techniques. More importantly, it teaches you how you can incorporate the pen into a full set of combative mechanics, making it a pressure multiplier that operates in show with empty-hand parries and also strikes, elbow joints, knees, kicks, and also foot catches.

To isolate as well as develop the essential abilities of the system, Janich teaches you a straightforward collection of response training drills-partner drills that rapidly infuse the structure, timing, power, and precision necessary to combat properly with a pen. Along the road, he places every ability into context, showing easy, practical, yet devastatingly efficient counters to a.
broad variety of street attacks. Once you’ve developed a sound structure, this video clip instructs you how you can use the principles of the system past rote technique, dynamically integrating its combative elements as well as scaling their strength to fit the nature of the threats you deal with.

Without the skills and also self-confidence to power it, a tactical pen is just a pen. This video will certainly aid you recognize its real possibility and also teach you what you should know making it a viable defensive tool.

For scholastic study just. Color, 1 hour 37 minutes.
Standard and Widescreen Letterbox Format.