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GeekList Item: Item for Geeklist "Solitaire Games on your Table – September 2018"

GeekList Item: Item for Geeklist “Solitaire Games on your Table – September 2018”

Solitaire Games on your Table – September 2018 Dob Razil Solitaire Games on Your TableSeptember 2018 The Home of “Together, We Game Alone” Hi! Welcome to another magical month of solo gaming! Feel free to participate in any way you like: Post about the solo games that you play, share your latest solo design or variant, comment on entries that strike your fancy, and join in. This is a very friendly group, and we happily welcome aboard every type of solo gamer! Guidelines PLAY a solo game, a solo variant, or a multiplayer game solo. Add an entry to this GeekList and tell us about it. Get the most out of the SGOYT Aggregator by using at least one of the following tags: Add the

tag to include a short overview. Add the tag to rate a game on a scale of 0.5 to 5.0. Only the most recent rating for a game is recorded. Be nice, but most of all have fun! See something you like? Give it a thumb.It’s extremely helpful (but not mandatory) to include some and describing the pros and cons of the game you played. They’re great visual aids to summarize your post, and might help to keep the wallet damage down a bit!Need a little help with formatting? Check out the Forum Formatting Guide and Tricks of the Geek . About Me I’m a mathematics and incidentally programming teacher, living with the mother of my 8 years daughter.As a kid, I’ve played RPGs and boardgames from age 9 to 19 (Golden Age). I got a computer and played mostly FPS games for a few years, before a gaming break. I’ve been solo gaming for two years now, I have joined the 1PG and participated on SGOYT since last October. This place has become my home on the web.Since I have the opportunity, I would like to thank all the wonderful people here on SGOYT. Places like this on the web are few, and I am glad I have been able to meet you.This month I go back to work after long weeks of vacation, and I hope I’ll find the time to play a lot. Many of you have a job, family obligations or home maintenance to deal with. Despite all that you find time to solo play, because as you all know, Solo gaming is something serious ! In this spirit, the theme of this month is Share ideas toward more efficient solo playing. There will be GG for people who, in their report on a game : Give practical ideas to better sort the game, reduce setup time or maintenance time during playing, decrease table space, “save” a game between sessions, or anything related. This of course includes PNP techniques. Explain a tweak of the game rules they use that significantly improves the gaming experience.I plan on reading every single post this month (like each month ), but be patient with me . Any GG donated will be given away during the month! Upcoming SGOYT Hosts ( runaway_meeple ) Philippines Interested in hosting a future month’s list? Find out more in the first post of this thread and send a GeekMail to Ryanmobile to volunteer. If I can do it, anyone can! 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Your Tags: 26. Board Game: Marrying Mr. Darcy [Average Rating:6.36 Overall Rank: 2874 ] Jessica New York Marrying Mr. Darcy Time for some silliness! I usually play this with 3 characters, but decided to expand on the experience to get a really interesting play going. This is a clear case where more is not necessarily better, though…The goal is pretty simple: Collect enough points in various areas to have the chance to marry different suitors. Old-fashioned? Indeed, yet I like the laughs the game creates. In no way should it be taken seriously!Events come out over the course of play, ranging from innocuous party escapades to scandalous elopements and blunders. Bottom line: I laugh and mockingly gasp every few minutes while playing.In the end, there were a number of excellent matches. I chose Elizabeth Bennett as my character at the start, and she won! All in all, though, everyone ended up rather happy. Even Lydia wasn’t too upset about not getting married… She did, after all, avoid Mr. Wickham!Never again do I plan on playing with this many characters at once. It felt much less personal, and took a lot more effort to keep things organized. Although not something I expect to play that often, it still works well as an entertaining game every now and then! Session Overview Play #10 Setup Time Under 10 Minutes • Play Time 45 Minutes • Characters (31) vs. Marry Mr. Bingley with any character. Marry Mr. Darcy with any character. Positives, Neutrals & Negatives Although lightweight and comical, the stories are quite endearing and offer up plenty of laughs. There are not a lot of complicated rules to understand, and modifying this for solo play only requires a few tweaks. Combining the expansions adds a lot of new options and interesting additions, both with the events and available suitors. When enjoyed with only a handful of characters, the play time is pretty quick and offers up a bit of humorous entertainment.Many characters have special abilities that are not easy to memorize, which makes downtime a somewhat required part of the game.Everything comes down to luck, which works well when creating a silly narrative, but can be frustrating when trying to actually play. Although there are a good number of cards, this will get repetitive after some time even with the added expansions. The amount of table space can be rather frustrating, particularly when utilizing more than 3 characters. Personal Strategy & General Notes Spoiler (click to reveal) Have fun with the events, since they will typically take the characters off in very random directions. Make sure to nail down a suitor during the proposal stage, often by selecting a single one and avoiding the standard proposal method.3.2

Mildly enjoyable and entertaining, this ode to Jane Austen creates silly stories as characters work towards finding the best suitors.

Tips for Greater Efficiency [STORAGE] Store the expansions in the base box by ditching the insert and keeping everything neatly stacked, ideally stored horizontally. [SETUP & CLEANUP] Keep a close eye on the slight differences between the cards in the base game and Emma Expansion : The unique decorative borders make these easy to separate. View Previous {{limitCount(numprevitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} 1 « Pg. {{commentParams.pageid}} » {{data.config.endpage}} {{error.message}} [ Show Hide ] Thank you for helping us moderate the site. [ Community Rules ] Edited 27. Board Game: Founders of Gloomhaven [Average Rating:7.08 Overall Rank: 1684 ] Dave Potter United StatesMichigan I’m really enjoying this game. It’s a brain burner for sure but very satisfying when you’re able to pull off a win. The first couple of rounds went pretty good, but by round 4 I was ready to give up when I had two prestige buildings unfulfilled and only 3 cards left in my hand. I needed to build one tier 2 and one tier 3 and that just wasn’t going to happen. I took a break and came back only to realize that I could, just, afford to pay the influence by turning the cards over for 3 fleeting influence (we can pay the penalty in a mixture of fleeting and lasting, correct?). Round 5 I burned through almost all of my advisor to complete those 2 buildings and finish all but one of the prestige buildings on the board. Luckily, The Temple of the Grey Oak was in the second spot. The temple is pretty easy to complete so it was just a matter of connecting it for my last prestige and then building a tier 3 for the other prestige. Hopefully, I followed all of the rules this time. The final map: I don’t have much of a strategy as of yet, but recruiting every round (if possible) is the one thing I’ve been focusing on. Early days, it’s tough to recruit sometimes if you don’t have the correct building out, but I’ve been spending 2 instead of 1 or even building a tier one just to be able to recruit. Having that extra basic action each turn seems to be helping. Take all of that with a large grain of salt though. I’ve played 3 games and only won 1 (although, the win was with that ‘strategy’). I have to admit, I have Fenris sitting next to me, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to give Founders one more try. I may log my turns just to be sure I’m following the rules. There are a lot of interconnecting pieces such as needing the correct building to recruit an advisor, putting prestige buildings on the correct terrain and keeping track of what’s connected and what is not. The more I play, the more I’m impressed.As always, thanks for reading. View Previous {{limitCount(numprevitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} 1 « Pg. {{commentParams.pageid}} » {{data.config.endpage}} {{error.message}} [ Show Hide ] Thank you for helping us moderate the site. [ Community Rules ] Edited 28. Board Game: A Feast for Odin [Average Rating:8.19 Overall Rank: 30 ] Matthew Galer AtlantaGeorgia oy, first play of this one and it was not a good score (37), but I’m glad I got over the resistance to pulling this one out. Fun game. Long setup time is going to ensure this is not a frequent play – but I’ll enjoy it when it comes out.I definitely see where I can improve things now that I have the flow down.And thanks to the publisher for putting in counter trays! They certainly speed up setup, tear down, and generaly game play. View Previous {{limitCount(numprevitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} 1 « Pg. {{commentParams.pageid}} » {{data.config.endpage}} {{error.message}} [ Show Hide ] Thank you for helping us moderate the site. [ Community Rules ] Edited 29. Board Game: Mage Knight Board Game [Average Rating:8.11 Overall Rank: 20 ] Dob Razil ( dobrazil ) France Since I have acquired the Lost Legion expansion, I’ve been playing this one much less. I think I have tried fighting against Volkare twice. New rules, more I don’t know really what to deal with, and many other little things had me not playing this wonderful game so much.So tonight, and also as it corresponds to this month’s theme, I decided to go for the smart-portable-easy-to-put-away Mage Knight configuration.First, let’s take a look at my MK box, containing core game and Lost Legion expansion. I’ve used a part of the expansion box to split the space. I have made an origami box for each character, with skill tokens, octogonal tokens and multiuse tokens (the small ones you put everywhere on the map) all together. Characters decks are hold by elastics, and mana tokens are in an origami box. All general cards (advanced actions, spells, wounds, artifacts, night/day tactics) are in a single pile that I distribute on the board during setup. Figs are lose in the box. Monster tokens all fit into the original insert, but are a bit tight.I use a gaming board I had made some years ago, with the map, map tiles and decks on it, along with the dummy deck. Offer cards are put on the table beside. My character cards are on the table in front of me.Tonight I chose Solo Conquest with Goldyx. I could play one Day and one Night. He reached level 4. I had a few difficulties moving around, but I hope things will get smoother thereafter.I could put everything back onto the board, only writing on the pink paper my reputation and fame,and the game box went back on its shelf, while the board with the “saved” game went all high onto the last shelf, just under the ceiling, safe from any alien hands I save this way only between rounds, it would be too complicated to keep the deed deck, the discard pile, the piles for the dummy, etc.It allows me to begin a game even if I have only one hour available, and to get back to it quickly, even if I don’t have a dedicated table for gaming.Oh, and BTW : View Previous {{limitCount(numprevitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} 1 « Pg. {{commentParams.pageid}} » {{data.config.endpage}} {{error.message}} [ Show Hide ] Thank you for helping us moderate the site. [ Community Rules ] Edited 30. Board Game: Glass Road [Average Rating:7.47 Overall Rank: 208 ] J J United StatesCalifornia So I ended up setting up a solo challenge for Glass Road this month too. Details here, so please come take part!!… I wasn’t planning to do this, because I had just posted a challenge for Orchard, but then I played a game and the starting offer seemed very exciting! And in fact, I scored my personal best of 28.5 in this game! I’m sure others will do even better.Because of the challenge, I won’t post my final board or rondels till later on, but I will talk about how I organize this game. I built a set of tuck boxes I found in the files section and they are awesome! There are boxes for the player pieces, so I just have to grab one of those and set up the buildings. I know many people like to use draw bags for the tiles — I would do that too except that I try not to spend money on storage solutions. The tuck boxes are also nice because they make it easy to fit everything into the box.I also added a tiny cube to track the rounds. The rulebook says you can tell which round you are on based on how many cards you used last round, but who wants to go back and count… View Previous {{limitCount(numprevitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} 1 « Pg. {{commentParams.pageid}} » {{data.config.endpage}} {{error.message}} [ Show Hide ] Thank you for helping us moderate the site. [ Community Rules ] Edited 31. Board Game: Aristeia! [Average Rating:8.54 Overall Rank: 2596 ] Philip Lataille View Previous {{limitCount(numprevitems_calculated,commentParams.showcount)}} 1 « Pg. {{commentParams.pageid}} » {{data.config.endpage}} {{error.message}} [ Show Hide ] Thank you for helping us moderate the site. [ Community Rules ] Edited 32. Board Game: 1972: The Lost Phantom [Average Rating:7.34 Unranked] Brian Olmstead Hour 0:BEEPER BEEPER BEEPER! Hound 3 hit! Eject! Eject! Eject!Within seconds I go from wailing alarms, jet sounds and a missile explosion to chute deployed over the jungle, the only sound the wind whistling past my ears as I descend towards the canopy. Hour 1:I’m having trouble finding my way in the thick jungle. Progress has been slow. Luckily I don’t hear anyone closing in on my parachute canopy location. Maybe I can get out of here.Hour 2:Just when I think I’m making progress through the jungle I come across a huge acreage of thorny undergrowth. I’m forced to turn around and take another direction. I take another direction towards some hills in the distance but still cannot shake away the thorns and I’ve managed to prick myself on some. Thankfully still quiet in the vicinity and I’ve put ground between myself and my chute.Hour 3:Are you kidding me?! This is a relief, I’ve found a dead soldier and taken his SKS Rifle. Having a way to defend myself adds some security to my thoughts. I push on but unfortunately I’ve become lost in the valleys of these hills. Going East should be so simple! I slip and slide down a hillside some and scrape up my leg a bit, but it won’t slow me down. Hour 4:That’s better! I move over the rise of a hill back into the thick jungle. It’s funny, it feels so close and dangerous in here, but at the same time there’s safety from prying eyes by being this undergrowth. Starting to feel a bit hungry and tired, but I know I must continue on. I hear rain in the distance.Hour 5:The sky opens up and drops buckets of rain on the jungle. The sound on the leaves of the trees is unimaginable. It becomes obvious I’m in a flood-prone area, so I make a hasty retreat back to the hills until the rain can pass. It does so after a short time and I make my way back into the jungle via a slightly higher path. Hopefully that downpour keeps the VC off my backs for a bit longer…Hour 6:That damned rain is back! Does it ever stop here?! I’m abandoning my attempt through this jungle, back to the hills, I’ll see if I can find a path through that swamp to the south.Hour 7: I’ve spent most of the day in what feels like the same area. Maybe they didn’t see my chute after all? Best not get too cocky. I make it into the swampland. I still haven’t seen any civilians, it’s eerily quiet. The sun is out now and of course it’s blisteringly hot.Hour 8:Passed through that swampy area unscathed, back into some hills. Sun is starting to dip in the sky. Feeling alright, just a bit hungry.Hour 9:I keep getting lost in these hills, best to stick to the jungles if I can it seems. Spirits still high, haven’t heard one peep of the VC or NVA.Hour 10:My body says sleep, but my mind knows I must keep moving. This god damn rain! I cross a couple flooded gullies, but I’m moving on. Hour 11: The sun begins to set. I’m still behind enemy lines, but feeling safe. A road?! I cautiously, but speedily make my way out of the hills into the jungle. Making good progress, feeling rejuvenated by the easy road travel.Hour 12:In the dusk light, I see a rice paddy. Is it dark enough? Screw it! I’m making a break for it!Hour 13:I think that’s a village. Let me think, from my maps, I think that was a friendly village. I hope I’m right, here goes nothing. Woah! Nope, those villagers wanted nothing to do with me, so I ran off into the jungle. Stupid, stupid, stupid!I need to slow down, starting to tire. Hour 14:God dammit! Stumbled on some roots in the dark of this jungle and twisted my ankle. That’s going to slow me down. Hour 15: More fucking rain?! I hate this god damn country. No way I’m going back to that village, I’ll just tough it out here. Wait. S ! Yeah, I just saw some headlights in that village. That’s a rice paddy to the east, right? Fuck it, I’m sprinting through it!Hour 16:Another village! Yes! I’m taking my chances again, there’s got to be some friendlies around here somewhere. I was right! They let me rest overnight, fed me, and wished me well in the morning. Much needed!Hour 17: Walking through these rice paddies, I see a crashed Huey on the edge of one of them. I go over and explore it and sure enough, there’s a First Aid Kit! This might come in handy later.Hour 18:I continue to trudge east. Through these rice paddies, back into the jungle. I shouldn’t get too comfortable in the open terrain. Hour 19:I see a village ahead, but I best not push my luck right now. I’ll skirt around it through the rice paddy next to it. Another rice paddy, another burnt out vehicle. This area has seen some action. This M113 will make a nice place to rest for a bit.Hour 20:Ended up falling asleep a bit in that M113, feeling rested, but time to move on. And sure enough, cut myself on some jagged metal getting out of that wreck. Stupid! I bandaged it up with my First Aid Kit though. Hour 21:Hunger really starting to build, but I feel like I’m close to the river. I can get through this! Particularly thick piece of jungle I seem to have wandered into. No progress.Hour 22:Shit wait a minute, that’s that village I already passed. How lost did I get in this jungle?!?!Hour 23:Torrential downpour! That didn’t help me get out of the jungle any easier, I’m exhausted. Yeah I definitely heard some unfriendly voices coming from near that village. I gotta move! Getting so tired, but I swear I can hear the river. Hour 24: How’d this M113 get in this swamp? Whatever, I found another First Aid Kit. I’m just going to take a breather here for a bit.Hour 25:I see a village ahead right near the river! I’m making a break for it! Wow, what a friendly bunch! They understood my trouble and lent me a motorcycle! I rode that rickety old fucker through some rice paddies to the river! Got picked up by a river patrol boat within hour!Final thoughts:Yes! This is one of the best push your luck, free PNPs I’ve played so far! It works perfectly in a sleeve so you can use marker. I can definitely see breaking this out every month or so to play again. Just enough random events to keep it interesting each time.

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