Personal Safety

Hello Kitty Personal Alarm Keychain – Safety Device – 140 db – Very Loud

VERY LOUD (140 DECIBELS) – For such a small device this personal alarm produces a very loud noise that will draw attention to yourself in any dangerous situation you find yourself in.

CUTE DESIGN – The stylish Hello Kitty design makes this alarm a unique and fashionable keychain to attach to your purse, backpack, schoolbag, belt loop, suitcases, keys, or dog Leash. Etc.

EASY TO ACTIVATE – Pull the wrist strap and the grenade style activation pin will be removed sounding the alarm. Simply put the pin back in the device to make the alarm to stop.

SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES – Everyone can benefit from the piece of mind created by having self defense safety protection on your person. Great for children, adults, and the elderly. Students, joggers, night workers, travelers, hikers, campers can all benefit form having this personal alarm with them.

BATTERIES INCLUDED – Preloaded and user replaceable batteries (2x LR44/AG13 watch batteries)

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