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How to Block and Dodge a Punch for Self-Defense

Here’s my advice for finding out how you can block as well as evade a punch. Take a look then enroll in my 7-DAY MARTIAL ARTS CHALLENGE!

It may seem odd, yet the key to protection is not protection … it’s offense. Why? Due to the fact that no one can obstruct as well as dodge permanently!

That indicates your objective in training shouldn’t be to obtain excellent at blocking as well as evading, it must be to require the poor guy to block and dodge YOUR strikes! And the earlier you do that in a self-defense scenario, the better.

The old masters of Karate as well as Kung Fu knew this. That’s why they didn’t lose time handed downing “blocks” in their forms and also kata. Yes, many movements LOOK like blocks, but they’re actually strikes, grabs, breaks, locks, and also traps.

Am I stating you should never block or evade in a fight? Instead of stressing about just how to obstruct a punch, train to maintain to provide a punch safely and also intelligently.

To be clear, if you’re sparring just for fun or contending in a combat sporting activity, you could obstruct and evade as part of your gameplan to tire your challenger down or give yourself time to capture your breath. Yet in protection, you don’t have time to play video games!

You could either go down turning or go down blocking if you’re battling for your life. I ‘d rather go down moving. Just how about you?

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WARNING: The suggestions and movements displayed in this video clip are for informational and instructional purposes only. Speak with a medical professional prior to engaging in any kind of workout or martial arts program.