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How to Defend Against a Knife Attack with Nick Drossos

Understanding how you can defend against a knife attack is frightening, but necessary! In this video, protection specialist Nick Drossos shares a couple of basic blade defense suggestions that might save your life.

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Now, allow’s discuss the knife …

The truth is you could not also see a blade throughout a knife assault. Someone who understands exactly what they’re doing will most likely hide the tool and also assault without warning.

The initial method to enduring a knife assault is to be aware of the people around you. Pay attention!

Second, manage the range between you and also the attacker. If the crook cannot get close to you, he can not stab you.

Third, watch the hands. Presume he’s holding a blade if someone gets close to you and you can not see one or both hands.

Third, keep your hands up. You constantly desire to place yourself in a setting to attack initially if required, block, or trap the tool.

Don’t believe what you see in the motion pictures! As hard as you try to manage the knife as well as get, the opponent is going to fight to keep it.

Fifth, pin the knife to either your body or to his body. You do not wish to chase the knife as it slashes as well as stabs. Catch it and pin it down.

Sixth, do not forget about improvised tools. If you could select up a chair, a publication bag, or anything (!), and also placed it in between you and the attacker, do it!

Another suggestion. If the idea of a blade assault frightens you, that’s typical! To be more reliable in protection, we need to resolve our emotions in addition to learning techniques. Make some time to address your feelings about the knife. If you could make tranquility with it, you’ll have a better possibility of controlling it.

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WARNING: The guidance as well as movements displayed in this video are for instructional as well as educational purposes just. Speak with a physician before participating in any kind of exercise or fighting styles program.