Self Defense

How to Do Tiger & Crane Self-Defense | Shaolin Kung Fu

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Hi. I’m Sifu Romaine below to show you the tiger and crane self-defense techniques. Initially we’ll consider the crane techniques. To look at the crane strategies we have to comprehend that the crane is an incredibly elusive, fast relocating animal. To form a crane’s beak, you bring all the fingertips with each other. We can make use of the wrist to obstruct or to hook. We can use it to block in this manner or to hook in this manner and after that poking with the fingers to the eyes or various other soft, susceptible locations. Let’s begin with the first technique.

Obstructing inside, Mr. Robinson goes to the outdoors as well as jabs him in the eye. This time Mr. Robinson will adhere to with a crane web link block and also a kick. Now allow’s see and also take an appearance what occurs if he obstructs the kick.

Now we’ll take a look at some of the tiger strategies. The tiger claw is a five finger claw, fingers curved. Currently he’s going to comply with that strategy with an additional tiger claw using a palm strike.

This ends our demo of tiger and also crane methods.