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How to Move Around an Attacker – Self Defense Tips

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Want to know a good self-defense tip? Most likely you answered “Yes” to that question.

So here’s the tip…

If you’re faced with someone looking for trouble and who his aggressive towards you, it’s important to stay in high alert to come out safely from that unsafe situation. That said, you’ll want to move around strategically around your opponent while trying to defuse the situation.

Moving around efficiently, is a key principle of self-defense that is not taught a lot out there. Indeed, not many self-defense instructors talk about these pre-fight indicators.

It’s strange because, it’s such a crucial aspect of self defense.

To many victims get hit hard by their assailant, because they don’t know how and where to move in a street fight. In order to have a solid defense plan, you need to know how to move your feet and position yourself correctly to maximize your chances of surviving that situation.

Footwork is so important, that we dedicated an entire video on that topic alone.

Here’s the complete video on Footwork Principles:

Have yourself a safe day.

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