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How to Use a Pen as a Weapon | Self-Defense

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Currently I’m going to educate you exactly how to make use of a pen against a self defense situation, an usual self protection scenario.

So as an example, you can make use of the pen, always you need to make a distinction in between items you can use to stab as well as objects that can be made use of to hit or wreck something, Okay? In this situation, this is simply to stab something, Okay? Where can you utilize it? So, you can utilize it against soft spots such as, as an example, like the line of deflection, you have like 3 fingers in the within, you can strike here, while she punches you, Okay? You can do that or actually, if she gets you really hard, you can just utilize this, Okay, striking, it’s going to hurt like hell as well as she’s mosting likely to let it go as well as when she releases that, I can go and also strike again, Okay? I don’t have to stab in this situation, I can utilize my arm. So, attempt to keep it as risk-free as possible, Okay?

To ensure that’s one point, however I can likewise utilize it not just to get hold of, visualize that she’s mosting likely to punch me, she punches me as well as I relocate away as well as I stab the side, once more, she punches me, boom and also I go quick and stab her, Okay?

So now I’m going to offer her the pen, I’m mosting likely to strike her, I’m mosting likely to punch her, currently I’m mosting likely to clarify to you a number of things, Okay? So, extremely gradually I’m mosting likely to punch you, Okay, relocate to the side and afterwards you stab, Okay. Once again, really slow-moving, essential, the beginning, simply relocate away instead, she can even mark my foot and afterwards when she does that, boom, she strikes me, Okay?

That would certainly be, once again a person that is punching you however you can additionally utilize that versus a tool such as a knife, Okay? She’s going to attempt to reduce me so just what I’m going to do is I’m going to redirect as well as currently I can get as well as I can stab her neck, I can stab her back, Okay? I’m going to repeat again, slow, very essential, I tip as well as I reroute, as quickly as I reroute, I press her away.

The other manner in which I can make use of that is like to press specific factors especially, like for instance when she gets me again, by simply pressing this factor, Okay, by utilizing just a point precisely, this is going to injure, it’s the same as if I make use of the knuckle, however it’s means extra unpleasant due to the fact that you could go deeper, Okay, precisely.

As well as those are just a few manner ins which you could use your pen for self protection objectives.