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How to Use an Umbrella as a Weapon | Self-Defense

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Now, I’m going to speak about the best ways to make use of day-to-day objects as a weapon. In this case, I’m going to discuss the umbrella.

I’m going to reveal you initially just how to hit. The only point is rather of utilizing your hand, you’re going to use your weapon, in this instance, the umbrella. You’re going to hit by using your body, your energy, so don’t neglect about relocating your body.

You have a great deal of strength here and the good point is that you are going to be able to hit actually hard without feeling anything. That would certainly be about striking.

She tries to punch me and also ideal directly what I’m going to do is I’m going to hammer hand her face. She’s going to try to do it once again. I’m going to assault her and now I’m going to clarify it really slow-moving.

She’s mosting likely to elevate it first, then she’s going to smash once more completely down. Not just there, yet completely down, boom. Specifically. My hand is mosting likely to relocate, again, precisely. One more time, boom.

We can not just do that however we can additionally regulate as soon as we have that. We hit her as well as currently I have her on the side and also I could choke her. Very simple, just consider this and as opposed to using my arm, just what I’m going to make use of is my hand as well as he umbrella. Simply straightforward as that, once again, such as this. The whole activity would be go, one, 2, and control. She’s going to do it extremely gradually and I’m mosting likely to discuss to you a pair points.

Slow, one, slow-moving, hit me, go for it, as well as now she regulates with the umbrella. One more time, I’m going to strike really sluggish, spread your legs, she hits me a 2nd time, boom.

As soon as she strikes me, I do not require to strike her face. I could strike the arm, relocate it away, and I can strike back. Boom, move it away and also I can strike.

Those are little tricks that you can utilize with the umbrella.