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How to Use Heels as a Weapon | Self-Defense

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Now I’m going to chat concerning exactly how to use everyday things as weapons. In this instance, I’m going to talk regarding heels, Okay?

So, the means we generally would do, you do not need to delight her or you do not need to bring your knees up, you simply have to go for it and struck him with your heels, as basic as that, Okay?

You’re going to compute the middle of the foot, again, precisely, go for it, precisely, one even more time, specifically. You’re going to kick and you’re going to push, exactly.

So once again, the most vital part is withdrawing your toes so you can strike with the heel, Okay? So when you do that, I’m mosting likely to bend, Okay? Do it once more, one more time, great.

You can additionally use it to the inside, for the inside of the leg, but it’s extremely complex but if you do it, it’s very reliable because it is extremely delicate. By doing this, Okay, for the within, do it Okay, again, wonderful, Okay? And naturally you can make use of that versus the groin, that’s the very best method to do it, you simply go for it from below straight, as a front kick and also you do it with a heel, Okay? Boom, precisely, again, boom, once again again, Okay.

Those are just a few methods that you can use with high heels as a weapon.