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"Illegal": Word Rendered Significant through perversion of definiton, improper use and application to Violate Trinity Sacred Documents

“Illegal”: Word Rendered Significant through perversion of definiton, improper use and application to Violate Trinity Sacred Documents

Originally published 01/29/2018; updated :
CA “Kamala Harris Refused To Help Disabled Iraq War Vet After Illegal Immigrants Ruined His Life” BY JULIA COHEN, JUNE 23, 2018 AT 10:15AM at,
“California Democrat Party ‘A Mexican Occupational Government’: California Democrats use the exact same tactics as their Partido Revolucionario Institucional counterparts across the border, buying votes with favors.” by Mark Megahan, 06/23/2018 at,
NY: “MSNBC GUEST: IF YOU SUPPORT TRUMP’S IMMIGRATION POLICIES, YOU’RE A NAZI” – Mike Brest | Contributor, 1:43 PM 06/22/2018 at,
“socialist, communist hiding behind Democrat —
“REPORT: TAXPAYERS’ MONEY GOING TO ISLAMIC CHARITY GROUP WITH TIES TO TERRORIST GROUPS”- Eric Lieberman, 1:29 PM 06/23/2018, | Tech and Law Reporter at, connects through Khalid Lamada, Director to “Exposed: Names and identities of Muslim Brotherhood operatives in U.S.
Raymond Ibrahim | Friday Nov 1, 2013 11:48 AM at,
VA/MD=DC : On a Positive Note: “Texas Public Policy Foundation, JANUS DECISION RESTORES FREE SPEECH RIGHTS,
” Media Ignores Chicago Ruling Concerning Sanctuary Cities
The lower court ruling was overturned, and the Justice Department was vindicated” by Austin Lewis 06/27/2018 at,
VA/MD=DC 136,383.9 Consent of the Governed per square mile among the powers of the earth/ supreme Law of the Land, Water, Atoms of Atmosphere, 20 spirit of devil, socialist, communist states of synonym, delusional, adversarial democracy’s NO ORAL, COMMON LAW-HOLY SPIRIT-THIRD PERSON:
CONNECTING TO THE 398TH CELBRATED 1,620th BIRTHDAY OF OUR ETERNAL LIVING CHRIST JESUS, PURITANS, in apposition to the fleshy, carnal-mind’s common core word, “Pilgrims” at Plymouth Rock, -met by an American Indian Chief who had a DREAM to help these ‘stranger-tribe’ among “the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature in symbols of Laws of Nature’s God-Truth” WITHOUT KNOWING GOD OR JESUS by fleshy-bodily name as, “..We have reminded them of the circumstances for our emigration and settlement here..”: THANKSGIVING, by President Washington; And
In 6 days, to the 242 Celebrated “..entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to “Whenever ANY FORM OF GOVERNMENT (ecclesiastical in civil-state-judicial few government of man and not of God) becomes DESTRUCTIVE OF THESE TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS ENDS, it is the RIGHT/ TRUTH/ GOD—IT IS THE DUTY– of any THIRD PERSON COMPOSING THE UNION of ONE PEOPLE TO ALTER AND ABOLISH ENEMIES WITHIN AND FOREIGN, WHO HAVE NO ORAL, COMMON LAW – HOLY SPIRIT-TRUTH, ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS.
“Constitutional-Third-Person(s) of Article IV:2, Clause 1 “The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States. (arbitrary humananist precept, government-of-man choosing and serving man’s fleshy carnal mind – historians of conceit- do not recognized this as a connection to God is the Only Judge – not man!), Also Known As, “And Assume among the powers of the earth/ supreme Law of the Land, specifically of “IN GOD WE TRUST” = 30 STATES of 105.51 CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED PER SQUARE MILE ((CoG psm)-ELECTORAL COLLEGE vs.
spirit of the devil/ fleshy, carnal, puppet-minds of 20 states of 564.74 CoG psm, (average for Person Composing the Union of One People-50 STATES = 87.5 psm) delusional, adversarial, ‘strict-rule of human precept’s fleshy, carnal, ‘rule of law-no Just reciprocation of RIGHT, Oral, Common Law,’ a.k.a., Isolated God constitutional, hence,”abrogation of the prerogatives of God-Blasphemy of Holy Spirit Truth-never forgiven” forced, collective, mass people in all life on world-down below’s groups ‘popular-demock-racy’ (Matt. 4,12 in Romans 8;”Translators to the Reader in 1611 Three Testament Holy Bible”)
“MEDIA IGNORES CHICAGO RULING”: creeds of 1949’s 30 articles of fleshy, body’s physiology, falsehood udhr’s art. 19 Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers;” a.k.a.,
“the human senses and human reason—are fallible, thus RENDERING TENTATIVE ALL OUR KNOWLEDGE, [SPEECH, AN INTERPRETER OF THE COGITATIONS THEREOF.., LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION,] AND SCIENTIFIC CONCLUSIONS ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE WORLD-DOWN-BELOW. . What’s true for our scientific conclusions is even more so for our moral choices and social policies; these latter ARE SUBJECT TO CONTINUAL REVISION IN THE LIGHT OF BOTH THE FALLIBLE AND TENTATIVE “NATURE [n. “In a general sense, whatever is made or produced; a word that comprehends all the works of God; the Universe.”] ARE SUBJECT TO CONTINUAL REVISION IN THE LIGHT OF BOTH THE FALLIBLE AND TENTATIVE NATURE OF OUR KNOWLEDGE AND CONSTANT SHIFTS IN SOCIAL [COLLECTIVE-PUPPET-“SLAVES Who Are “…wholly subject to the will of another; one who has no will of his own, but whose person and services are wholly under the control of another] CONDITIONS. …: vs
HOLY SPIRIT-TRUTH, Constitutional-Third-Person, -CITIZEN PROFESSION OF “JOUR’NAL, n. [jur’nal; Fr. journal; It. giornale, from giorno, a day; Corn. jurna; W. diurnod; L. diurnum. This was originally an adjective, signifying daily, as in Spenser and Shakspeare; but the adjective is obsolete.] 1. A diary; an account of daily transactions and events; or the book containing such account. Among merchants, a book in which every particular article or charge is fairly entered from the waste book or blotter.
2. In navigation, a daily register of the ship’s course and distance, the winds, weather, and other occurrences.
3. A paper published daily, or other newspaper; also, the title of a book or pamphlet published at stated times, containing an account of inventions, discoveries and improvements in arts and sciences; as, the Journal de Savans; the Journal of Science”.
“CONCERNING SANTUARY CITIES: DACA’s lied to, from every possible set of human, carnal minds: government-of-man to parents influenced by ‘facilitators’ giving high falsehood-hopes of riches – even pesos and coyotes – abandoning them, or bringing their illegal by having a child/ youth attached who has a very high probability of not even knowing his, ‘so-called madre or padre’- when child is bused-in, with AG’s, now CA Senator of pure socialist communism- assistance-lie, and among the US/ AG Holder’s ‘abrogation of the prerogatives of the Laws of God-blasphemy of Truth-gun runners using illegals as shields (just like the Palestinians using families of woman and children on the border of Israel)’, A child separated from her mother – never the whole story-decried by all sorts of epaulets; aliens roaming among these 20 States, CA, IL, NY, primarily, the few rulers of which have ‘Cloward Piven orchestrated, manufactured crisis’ applied through Lucifer Alinsky’s “No Fixed Truth/ “to strip large majorities of men and women in the West of those last vestiges that remained to them of Christianity’s transcendent God”- very, very successfully accomplished, since just before 01/20/2009 antiChrist Regime (Wycliffe, Luther) as LIE AND STEAL ARE 24/7 IN EVERY LEVEL OF AMERICAN GOD IS the WHOLE LAW, but now. in hate against our Puritans, Colonists, Founders, one of whom was Ambassador to Holland, France and GB and 2nd President of the United States of America, because of art. iii’s perdition-apostasy of betrayal—, in “separate and equal station” with Judas Iscariot against his Best Friend, though Judas did the best he could to regain his soul, from Ezekiel 33 in Matt. 18, he returned the money, left to hang himself, as the “Drug Lords”, a.k.a., “government-of-man-serving-man, High Priests” who required a person who could identify Jesus – they only knew by word-of-mouth, having never been able to use their 5 senses on their own, predetermined conclusions- to find the human body attached to Jesus, — reprobate apostasy, reversed to “a government of man and not of LAWS/God”, infusing the 13 Tactics (one for each Colony) in deciding that the word, ‘ILLEGAL,’ should never be considered as violation of Commandments/ God’s Will directly Oral Common Law His mouth to the mouths of the socialist, commun-ist’s in lie’s companion word-steal with malice prepense of “OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT OF OUR REPUBLIC UNDER GOD TO WHICH THE OFFENDER(S) OWES ALLEGIANCE, AND OF BETRAYING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL-PERSON, ALONE FIRST, THEN AMONG THOSE HE KNOWS AND WILL NEVER KNOW “IN GOD WE TRUST”, INTO THE HANDS OF FOREIGN LAW=PAPAL AUTHORITY, UN, EU, MUSLIM SHARIA SHARING MOHAMMED WITH RADICAL JIHAD, AXIS NATIONS, -with their best friends-of-hate, art. iii through rescission “ARTICLE IV:2, CLAUSE 1 the WHOLE of ARTICLE III intrinsic to VI/ ATTESTATION CLAUSE, TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS.
Where for that group of human fleshy, carnal-puppets art. iii in art 1 among 20 socialist, commun-ist collective, mass people subjugated to those few who give deep reverence to “the supreme power governing the world-down-below, vain-idol-god’s forms of BIGGER number, and worship of that supreme power in anarchy; because of the perversion in definition, improper usage and improper application= abuse of the word, “strict” metaphor, synonym “isolated” in front of The Eternal Living GOD IN CHRIST-TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS.
— IT WILL ABSOLUTELY KILL THEIR EYES AND MOUTHS TO EVEN – ACKNOWLEDGE THE DEGREE OF DESTRUCTION, DESOLATION THEY HAVE CAUSED from 1947’s 4 Justices of Truth “THIS DECISION SHOULD BE REVERSED”- perfect prophesy” -humanist fleshy, carnal puppet-group-mind’s udhr, 12/24/2009’S SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PPAA/ ACA-NOW ABOUT 20 DIFFERENT LABELS, 2 TRIPS to art. iii PERDITION,10 YRS LATER (it was in fact and evidence of informed physicians and nurses among others, implemented at least 1 year before it even existed), has accomplished COMPLETE AND TOTAL ERADICATION OF AMERICAN ART AND SCIENCE OF MEDICINE, while spending $,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$.00 to increase TOTAL US DEBT (National + household, business, State, Local governments, financial institutions, Federal Government)…and persisting in throwing $$$ at obliterating a Constitutional-Person’s Property of his own physiology-Amendment IX-Laws of Nature’s God; i.e., -for the imperative of lie in the forced, puppet-mind-, binomial-decision-tree, collective-group’s control and manipulation through ‘application in eligibility for a proper part of human osmosis, diffusion, active transport so that neurology, upon which psychology-‘duties to commun-ities upon which full development of your-puppet-person-ality depends for dissonance required in hypocrisy’s democratic society of collective-mass, human bodies of anatomy depend for life on fleshy, carnal mind’s world-down-below’.
OTHER, FELLOW-COUNTRY-CoG psm PERSONS, who, in ignorance-forced upon them by the above repudiation of JOURNAL, gave their TRUTH, TRUST, PROMISE to those few, arbitrary, fleshy, carnal grossly fact in evidence, delusional, adversarial democracy’s lie forged into-minds “Not having the faculty of discernment; destitute of intellectual light; unable to understand or judge; ignorant; as authors are BLIND to their own defects; in scripture, BLIND implies not only want of discernment, but moral depravity.”
IN 20 STATES, where now, an ill Constitutional-Person puts the property of his physiology into the hands of binomial-human-robotron, puppets of carnal minds– ALL PROFESSION OF LAW/ LEGISLATION-TOTALLY BLIND TO THE TWO GREATEST COMMANDS OF GOD delusional, adversarial, democracy’s synonyms socialist communn-ism’s 562.74 Constitutional-Person- “THE MAJORITY LIMITED FOR LIBERTY=THE MAJORITY OF ‘1’ (Hamilton A. Long) Man, -Woman, –Child/ Youth-Posterity’s PLACE of RESIDENCE-CITIZEN=CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED PER SQUARE MILE, whose hierarchy/ ranking/ few arbitrary group-puppet-blind rulers of conduct-tyranny-STATE GOVERNMENT HAS SECEDED FROM ARTICLE IV:2, Clause 1; 4 Republican form of Government with the RESIDENTS OF EACH STATE PROTECTED FROM INVASION = INFRINGEMENT OF RIGHT/ GOD/ TRUTH= ARTICLE VI-ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS-THIRD PERSON IS YOUR, OWN PERSON IN GOD’S TWO GREATEST COMMANDS -OATH IN PLEDGE, ARTICLE VI:CLAUSES 2, 3 WHICH LEADS TO THE AXIOM -ATTESTATION CLAUSE = TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS OF REFORMATION/ BILL OF A PERSON’S RIGHT/ TRUTH/ GOD– repudiated by the autocratic anarchy of Sanctuary Cities”
“THE LOWER COURT RULING WAS OVERTURNED” and the ARTICLE II INTRINSIC TO ARTICLE III JUDICIARY Justice (OF LOST HUMAN FLESHY CARNAL MINDS TO TRUTH, TRUST PROMISE) Department was CONTINUES ITS BLINDNESS TO TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS vindicated so “ITS” COLLECTIVE-PUPPET-GROUP can continue to collect the very great and sacred, supreme power governing the whole Papal Authority, UN, EU, Axis Nations, Muslim sharing Mohammed with Radical Jihad, and oligarchies of North Korea’s autocratic rules over 70 million individual person composing their WHOLE Nation, among GOD’S NATIONS IN HIS ERAS OF HIS HISTORY, along with the autocratic Turkey of 79.51 million individual-Third Persons, of which Kurds are 14.5 million therein, but 6 million more in Iran, 5+ million in Iraq, and less than 2 million individual man, woman, child/ youth posterity = little short of 28 million Kurdish,-IMPERATIVE OF iNIQUITY- UN-EU etal..;
Collective-mass people-puppets in slavehood to government-over-man’s property of the 193 (192- since THERE IS NO ORAL, COMMON LAW-ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS-HOLY SPIRIT-TRUTH), the human bodies among them always refusing to even considers in negotiations of the fact, evidence of carnal, corrupt minds—-of ‘by party’s own puppet-power-conformity elections’.
That which the Reformationist said, each-one-alone, from early 1300’s, Hus, Bohemian, Wycliffe 140 years before Zwingli, Luther, Tyndale; our Colonists, Founders and ALL AMERICANS OF GOD AND NATION FIRST WHO PURSUE THEIR THIRD PERSON OF HAPPINESS IN OBEDIENCE TO GOD TWO GREATEST COMMANDS UPON WHICH HANG THE WHOLE LAW AND —ALL—THE PROPHETS: – “I worship God and Him, Alone, I obey…Every Word that ISSUES FROM HIS MOUTH” and when “tempted” chose to leave their crucified fleshy bodies, NEVER their very Alive and Well Eternal Souls; vs
Adversarial, BIGGER number of the delusions of grandeur at the top of the highest mountain and all the kingdoms thereof, since those human bodies of autocratic anarchy – NE CORNER AND PACIFIC OCEAN REGIONS ARE NOW A SINGLE, SOCIALIST COMMUNIST PARTY-OF INHERENT-PUPPETS DANGLING-IN “SLAVERY, the obligation to labor for the benefit of the master, without the contract of consent of the servant;” AND
In silence to vanquish Constitutional-Person in his Place of Residence, by a hierarchy-seniority-rank by ‘party’s exclusive, vain idol god’s BIGGER number, other people’s money$$$ in collective, mass fill-in-dots, pull handles of invisible, unaccountable software/ hardware manipulators of OPEN SOURCE PLATFORM’S CHAOS, few socialist communist, aided and abetted by art. iii’s perdition in perfidy- since 1947’s imaginary-great, high, impenetrable-government-of-man’s fleshy, carnal, ruler’s ABSOLUTELY FORBID by the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST-REGIME.– continues to obliterate all the HERITAGE OF YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL-PERSON, NATURAL OR NATURALIZED–LEGALLY.
Our Lord, Eternal Living Christ Jesus is speaking directly to YOU reader, “Abide by what I say And You Really Will Be Disciples of Mine. YOU WILL >>UNDERSTAND<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
a.1. “Jeff Sessions ends Obama-era ‘de facto’ court amnesty for illegal immigrants” By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Updated: 7:28 p.m. on Thursday, May 17, 2018 at,
paired with..
a.2. Violation of Articles IV:2 Clause 1 – illegal alens are given immunities -that become privlileges — legal emigrants cannot obtain at all; VI:Clause 1: Debt : Raley, Spencer and O’Brien, Matt. “The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers.” FAIR, September 27, 2017, Accessed 03/18/2018, 05/17/2018 at, where autocratic anarchy, seceded from TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS – ORAL, COMMON LAW, CA– IS #1 IN THE COSTS AND IN THE TAXATION OF PETROLEUM/ PLASTICS/ GASOLINE — IT LEADS THE NATION IN PUTTING, SMALL, ONE OR TWO PERSON BUSINESSES- OUT OF BUSINESS WHEN FILLING A TRUCK COSTS MORE THAN $120.00 EACH FILL AND DAIRY, PRODUCE, LIVESTOCK COSTS HAVE RISEN ABOUT 1 TO 3 DOLLARS PER POUND — INCLUDES BREAD; And
b. “The European Union to Member States – We Now Control Your Borders “
Report by Matt O’Brien | September 12, 2017 | View the Full Report (PDF) at, [On 12/01/2009, Lisbon Treaty, The EU – Papal Authority – is now the UN[1] ]
c.12/21/2017 : “. . Closed Door Deal Exposed, Senate GOP Announces Next “Compromise” As [Socialists UN-UDHR]Leftists Rejoice ” by James Bishop — the PHOTO of Ex, Taxpayer Pensioned, Papal Authority Lieutenant Boehner with Speaker Ryan the current obedient slave to Papal Authority [1] = Closed door that includes, Pres. Trump’s DEAL at, ; connected to my Tweet, who loves to disbar, the bias of predetermined conclusions that are Red -Flags of Falsehood by the surveyors (including RNC-DNC’s deceit) “About the Tweet of blame by UDHR’s Articles 19 in 29
“person-ality” for gov. shutdown: “None of the above” is not asked, thus DACA’s illegal immigrants-Papal Authority Property, UN-UDHR not recognized, though Papal-Lieu. Ex Speaker Boehner is very active behind closed doors ….
d. ” RINO Nervous By Discovered DACA Surprise, Plot For Voters Exposed As Details Emerge” by Author: Nwo – New World Order Report, Date: January 15, 2018 at, – another form of party’s greater number, hierarchy/ Seniority picking House inferior to Senate, or House of ‘Commons’ [persons] to Parliament with ‘lip service,’ though very genuine Love of the Persons composing Great Britain, of delusive, specious that Her Majesty, and Prince to follow, do not even have ‘separate and equal station’ of participation, or perhaps tend to obey man-serving-man’s delusional, adversarial-democracy-red flag marker: –collective, mass people must always provide the ‘bigger number’ ‘vote’ and/ or ‘gather-in-predetermined-mob-think’ by sincere ignorance and conscientious-consensus of stupidity (borrowed from The Reverend M.L. King) to be in great supplication to a vain-idol-god’s no eyes, no ears, no mouth, forms of ‘bigger number/ the Whale of other peoples commerce $$$, conservative v liberal, non-sense epithets; because Amendment 1’s 6 clauses a Third Person who will always, to the best of his ability, Worship, Obey and Serve God, Never man “Expression of Thought” Definition of, intrinsically Origin of language and communication, proof by Dr. Noah Webster – Holy Spirit Truth – Oral Law – is entirely Speech, Prayer, Contemplation, Reasoning alone, or when two or three are gathered in His name, that is documentation such as, these journalists and among Political Commentators and writers especially because of the audience addressed or reported to…
e.” THE CORNER THE ONE AND ONLY. Illegal Immigration and Crime “by PETER KIRSANOW January 20, 2018 11:49 AM Read more at:
f.” How illegal immigrant Dreamers amassed power to force government shutdown
g.” McConnell pledges full immigration debate ” By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Monday, January 22, 2018 at,
DACA Illegals Block Road To Disneyland Demanding U.S. Law Bow To Their Desire ” by James Bishop at, ;
Watch-out for this one’s connections among all of this, and the ‘behind closed doors’ of the second in the list:
i. ” White House jumps back into Dreamer battle with citizenship offer
The White House is hoping to woo Democrats by offering protection to undocumented immigrants in exchange for border wall funding — and sharp restrictions on family reunification.” by RACHAEL BADE, BURGESS EVERETT and LORRAINE WOELLERT, 01/25/18 at,
j. ” Trump’s report card on immigration: Accomplished on deportations, stalled on border wal l” By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Thursday, January 25, 2018 at, ;
John Wycliffe on Oral, Common Law – “Sentence of the Curse Expounded: Sanctuary” [6] which describes a-j of this hierarchy in blasphemy, illegal, “ILLIC’IT, a. [L. illicitus; in and licitus, from liceo, to permit.] Not permitted or allowed; prohibited; unlawful; as an illicit trade; illicit intercourse or connection, innately violations of Oath in Pledge:
k. ” Sanctuary cities soar under Trump ” By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Thursday, January 25, 2018 at, ;
l. “ICE blames Calif. (dark green) sanctuary law for illegals’ arrests”By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Friday, March 2, 2018 at, Please note, 1949’s spirit of d-evil trinity’s most important creed, rite, ceremoney of misled Person’s who have no idea of the Trinity Sacred Documents- but by common core’s brainwashing, know all about human body’s 5 senses of relationships in sex organgs by skin color and always violate the privileges and rights of honest persons of Holy Spirit-Truth the youths are trained to be blind– and 24/ 7 always lie to them, — “No human being is Illegal”
l. “When it comes to sanctuary cities, President Trump is bullying local electeds and law enforcement to comply with illegal requests from ICE,” said Lena Graber, staff attorney at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center. “Trump’s anti-sanctuary attacks are so baseless that the Administration has lost every court ruling so far on their unconstitutional attempts to withhold federal grants. It is the Trump Administration, not sanctuary cities, who are violating the law and the constitution.”
ILRC tracks many different types of policies that limit local involvement in immigration enforcement. Nearly a quarter of counties in the country (735) currently do not hold on ICE detainers—a figure that has climbed steeply from 2013 when only a handful of counties had explicit policies against the practice. As federal immigration enforcement tactics have gotten more aggressive, communities have enacted broader policies limiting their assistance to ICE.
“While 98 percent of counties have no official contract with ICE, there is a great opportunity in 2018 to strengthen and establish new policies that actively protect our immigrant neighbors and do not spend local resources detaining and deporting our community members,” continued Graber. “Sanctuary policies are a commonsense response to a political agenda rooted in racism and exclusion and a step in helping to keep more families where they belong – together.”
The report finds that of the ten counties that are home to 30 percent of America’s immigrant population, a large majority have enacted some of the strongest sanctuary policies. ”Sanctuary” does not have any single meaning; the ILRC tracks many policies that limit local involvement in immigration enforcement, including limits on alerts to ICE about release (163 counties), general prohibition on immigration enforcement (112 counties), restrictions on asking about immigration status (85 counties), and protections against ICE interrogations (77 counties). 17 Partners and Projects, at,
– and,
Please notice, the only ‘word’ for Federal Code Illegal Aliens is ICE and Article II of Consent of the Governed, predecessor-usurper – like these minions who hate American God Is Law, and Pres. Trump is separate and equal station to his Oral Law in Oath and Pledge because blind to blasphemy of Truth – that Illegal Person is alone, responsible for his directly – Oral, Common Law – is shares UDHR’s 29 judgment by hypocrisy with the ILRC collective, mass, predetermined conclusions just like Article III’s perdition in betrayal – that- the Founder’s couldn’t predict, have not one whit of knowledge of their own accountability for the words of decree in edict of violation of Trinity Sacred Documents: Consent of the Governed in We the People are Not a Collective, mass servants to Papal Authority property of UN-UDHR- lie – socialist, communist, atheist- no God, nor Holy Spirit – Oral Law is the only way any Person uses #6 Understanding and #7 Speech, an interpreter of the cogitations thereof … directly to government-of-few arbitrary rules of conduct-tyranny by force, misleading those immigrants – from Article IV ‘democratic-; there is no such idea as “collective-guilt” — and — contrary to the UDHR Opinion without interference of No Probability of Truth, Article IV:2 cannot be applied to a person who has no Oral Law/ Oath in Pledge, thus can’t be entitled to what is earned by another, legal immigrant under the Laws.
m.” Illegals commit crimes at double the rate of native-born: Study ” by By Stephen Dinan – The Washington Times – Friday, January 26, 2018 at, ; plus,
n.” Obama Agreed To Take Rejected [IRANIAN] Australian Refugees, Trump Will Subject Them To “Extreme Vetting, Obama agreed to take the worst of the bunch, but the president isn’t giving in so easily.” by James Bishop, 01/26/2018 at,
o.” Ninth Circuit [4th Circuit] Ruling Questioned As Supreme Court Enters Illegal Fray “
by Austin Lewis, 01/27/2018, [ConservativeDailyPost does not list names of its editors, assuming it has some, nor its Journalists and its “Contact Us” is written in ‘jibberish characters’ with location Las Vegas, NV at, because, Supreme Court may want to perform in precedent’s name, a ‘historical shift in philosophy’ abandoning Holy Spirit/ Oral law/ oath in pledge totally absent the Axiom, Assumpset Trinity Sacred Documents [4A], meaning, Article III’s hierarchy of superiority to Holy Spirit FIRST AND SECOND, Individual Persons in Your Third Persons-Truth, rather absolute obedience to lie of spirit of devil trinity’s arbitrary human precept’s rules of conduct-tyranny in perdition as, obedience Western European, Papal Authority’s property, now, of UN-UDHR’s synonym humanist philosophy [4B] having problems both in Article VI supreme Law of the Land, Water, Atoms of Atmosphere – Bound stated Twice by Oral Common Law/ Oath in Pledge – Matt. 22, God’s Two Greatest Commands upon which HANG the WHOLE LAW and ALL THE PROPHETS, Is Not The same Creator of Oral Common Law- connected to Article VII:Clause 2 Attestation of Ratification — the 12th – year of fulfillment of Promise in The Declaration a Person composing the Union of One People – the Judiciary absolutely refuses to connection, acknowledge John 17 in 14 – or even Matt. 4, let alone Matt. 5, 6, 7[2]
p.” DACA Plan Unveiled, “Extremely Generous Provisions” For Democrats by Martin Walsh, 01/27/2018 at,
q.See more of what P.M. Netanyahu says about Truth-God, never man-serving-man ,
“Here I must say a few words about the absurd campaign currently being waged regarding the illegal labor migrants: I would like to clarify three points: First of all, we added approximately 45 positions in order to expedite asylum requests. Genuine refugees and their families will remain in Israel. We have no obligation to allow illegal labor migrants who are not refugees to remain here. They will be sent to another country. Second, international law and the decision of the High Court of Justice here in Israel, allow us to send illegal labor migrants beyond the borders of the state. Third, the designated country to which they are being sent has already absorbed 180,000 refugees under the aegis and supervision of the UN, because the UN considers it to be one of the safest countries in Africa. Therefore, this campaign is baseless and absurd, especially today.”- Prime Minister BIBI NETANYAHU: “We have turned Israel into a global technology power.” Gavriel Dan January 28, 2018, at
r. “Media Silent In Illegal Alien Shooting Rampage; The man claimed that his heart would tell him who to shoot, as he drove around Kansas City.” by Austin Lewis, 05/18/2018 at,
The purpose of Production and distribution of large numbers of “Simply human family is the most important value” is redistribution of people for Papal Authority-UN-UDHR “borderless Nations and already achieved, borderless jurisprudence – since Article III summer 2014 decreed in edict- to abolish through lie, steal and kill the Whole Mind, Whole Heart, Whole Soul of a Person composing the Union of One People, Ratified – Witness, Subscribed-12th year of Declaration , VII-Clause 2, for UDHR intertwined to Humanist concrete-mind, Articles 18, 19, 29, 30, [4] as collective, mass-serfs exiled from their Person-native to Iran; love of American currency-Mexico; “Labor”, that includes that Commandment 5 fathers and mothers would leave their children because — later/ by whatever spirit of devil trinity’s negotiation of scattering dispersing as far apart as possible v– the left behind children can be “bused” as illegals with adult escorts, exclusively to seceded from Person composing One People in Union; “proper technical skills”;’Lotteries of eligibility controlled by the vain-idol-god’s forms of numbers, and last, the never discussed Person(s) who emigrate with plan of becoming citizens (probably much rarer now)–legally, often at great personal stories of angst, way to often treated with considerable disrespect by Immigration officious-force of power-tax-payer-pensions-minions who are on their Person directly to God’s Ear, Oral Law/ Oath of Article VI and VII, those who come legally, wait, sometimes as ‘invisible-person(s)’, before they can apply, or elect to return to their native country.
The Problem(s) has all the elements of The Creator of His Universe as, “And assume among the powers of the earth {Holy Spirit-One God in Three Persons, Truth, You, from conception – Commandment V, are the Third Person v. spirit of devil trinity- Lie -man-serving-man, ecclesiastical cleric intertwined to civil-state-magistrate, a man, a woman, a Child‘s Soul/ Mind/ Heart – Conscience for Will o take action- no body’s physiology whatsoever- individual-person’s who compose their respective sovereign nations}, the execrable cruelty, of which, is that any faction among the world-down-below, group- illegal = undocumented [k-l], because Laws of Nature’s God includes, ” Things equal to the same thing are equal to each other ,” alien, world-wide among the European nations, England and US(A), ‘dreamer-group-haven-predetermined conclusion-,’ has been impelled to live through undermining of both God’s Law and principles, as well as, common core’s implicit imperative to teach ignorance of hate- never truth; – setting up an expectation – of UDHR’s falsehoods in Articles 18 and 19, also, intrinsic to Papal Authority 2,017 years of Perversion, abuse and misconstruction of language and communication in 1611 KJV Whole, Three Testament Bible [2]- for 29’s delusional democracy’s community of duties upon which full development of ‘person-ality’ relationships most often colored by judgment in hypocrisy, – Matt.7, leads to the collective guilt of group-think, unified by untruth, and forbids that it is an individual-persons who is, solely Oral Law, accountable directly to God, Two Greatest Commands in their own life , i.e., there isn’t any group when God in Christ Jesus in Your liberty of most good / Three Individual Persons or most evil, Matt. 4, – are the choices, 24/7 here on world-down-below, since Solely in Oral Law each-one-Person, among all 7.9 billion, one-at-a-time , shall choose Holy Spirit or spirit of devil trinity:
There is no mediation, secular, arbitration, committee-goose-step-party-epitlet-obey-never question (Sen. Paul clearly identifies in the above video), consensus by vain-idol-god’s forms of ‘bigger number’, vote by imperative of never permitted to make any decision on RIGHT REASON; and because there is no ORAL, COMMON LAW/ OATH in PLEDGE, Two Greatest Commands of God upon which HANG the WHOLE LAW and ALL THE PROPHETS, there is no such, Holy Spirit-Truth meaning..
President Forbes Burnham of Guyana: ” To me consensus seems to be: the process of abandoning all beliefs, principles, values and polices in search of some thing in which no one believes, but to which no one objects; the process of avoiding the very issues that have to be solved, merely because you cannot get agreement on the way ahead. What great cause would have been fought and won under the banner ‘I stand for consensus?” — From Dame Margaret Thatcher’s, great learning of applied Wisdom, Knowledge for Truth in Trust, Faith in Promise, — the entire 194 nations, yes, counting America’s 09/19/2017, living Presidents of ‘insistent, delusional adversarial democracy’s isolated-strict secularized-dispersed ecclesiastical-infused-civil-state, defined qualification for acceptance-bible, abandoned ‘Consent of the government’s Constitutional-Person composing ONE People-Isolated, never again to ever permit obedience to any Ratified-constitution abrogating We the People–with God, to the people’-collective-mass – arbitrary human precept rules of conduct-force — in “The Downing Street Years, The West and the Rest”, pg. 167] [3].
” POL’I-TICS , n. [Fr. politique; Gr. πολιτικη. See Policy.]
The science of government; that part of ethics which consists in the regulation and government of a nation or state, for the preservation of its safety, peace and prosperity; comprehending the defense of its existence and rights against foreign control or conquest, the augmentation of its strength and resources, and the protection of its citizens is their rights, with the preservation and improvement of their morals. Politics, as a science or an art, is a subject of vast extent and importance.” Never possible with man-serving-man;
Thus, man-serves-man on world-down-below Jesus, in the Pivotal Chapter of N.T. 8, says, “31. Then said Iesus to those Iewes which beleeued on him , If ye continue in my word, then are yee my disciples indeed.
32 And ye shall know the Trueth, and the Trueth shall make you free.
33 ¶ They answered him, We be Abraham seed, and were neuer in bondage to any man: how sayest thou, Yee shall be made free?
34 Iesus answered them, Uerily, verily I say vnto you, Whosoeuer committeth sinne, is the seruant of sinne.
35 And the seruant abideth Not in the house for eue r: but the Sonne abideth euer.
36 If the Sonne therfore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed ; meaning,
spirit of devil trinity, man-serving-man’s UN-UDHR delusional democracy will not abide in the fleshy-stony, house of man-serving-man for ever; but Eternal Living Son/ Oral Law- Truth – abideth ever …; and
” We be Abraham seed..and never in bondage ,” but is Certainly, a Slave, in blind, absolute obedience to the few rulers- no accountability to any thing on world-down-below, the reason for inevitable, broad and wide road to desolation – no Love from God and no Joy from Christ – No Peace for your own, Third Person’s challenge in life’s roles juggling conscience for will; rather,— constant “wide and broad road to destruction,” dissonance, absurdity, incongruity, so well demonstrated by the above, man-serving-man’s little pieces, – scattered -never Holy Spirit/ Oral Law- in dispersion – so no-one ever even considers connections of the Whole Argument, of the whole untruth; that it is ok to violate the Rights of each-one-person, so that the collective government-over-mankind, can lie, steal and kill that person’s mind/ heart/ conscience for will to take action. Fellow-Reader yet to take action— you had better read Ezekiel 33 and Matt. 24, Hebrews 6 at,; that will connect you to the other two; while there, LEARN ABOUT REFORMATION – HOW OUR TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS evolved — against Papal Authority, at,
Never connect 1611 KJV Whole Bible to Declaration to Constitution as Axioms of John 17 in 14- Holy Spirit; And solely our Nation is about sovereign Person composing the characteristics of his State in his Sovereign Nation (who were told by our Founding Father George, to be available.. but not to get enmeshed with Western Europe and Western Asia):
“We have duties, for the discharge of which we are accountable to our Creator and benefactor, which no human power can cancel . What those duties are, is determinable by Right Reason , which may be, and is called, a well informed conscience. What this conscience dictates as our duty is so; and that power which assumes a control over it, is an usurper ; for no power can be pleaded to justify the control , as any consent in this case is void ..”-The Essex Result, May 12, 1778
Liberty is a word which, according as it is used , comprehends the most Good and the most evil of any in the world. Justly Understood [Mind/ Heart/ Will-Conscience = Eternal Soul] it is sacred next to those which we appropriate in divine adoration; but in the mouths [Oral Law blasphemed] of some it means any Thing . “–Oliver Ellsworth, Third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Knew his Third Person and , at the very least, Matt. 4, 15, 22 before he held that Office, November 19, 1787, “A Landholder No. III”.
But, President Trump, ” I Love my Nation ,” is being extorted, because among the above list, from the ‘real-person drifting around Congress and courtrooms-breathing their own Beelzebub’ that the Papal Authority-UN-UDHR spirit of devil—, would have its property of Article III the man-serving-man, Profession of arbitrary rules of conduct- power of force – No HOLY SPIRIT – ONE GOD IN THREE PERSONS – TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS, Oral Law/ Oath/ Pledge, supreme court – would, again, rule: They Know and Will Continue to kill their own person is the mirror, is a violation of Article 1 for any Article III Judge in profession of law’s twin sister profession of divinity to write law from the bench , but not so, in Papal Authority-UN-UDHR Western European and Western Asia + Orient – expect magistrates to “If it isn’t written, it doesn’t exist”-absurdity fools as servant to ignorance fall all over themselves, that Consent of the Governed Article II would be removed from his office; unless he obeys; — for the enemies within intertwined to enemies of a NGO’s falsehood-UDHR of mankind, genuinely of all God’s Sovereign nations, but specifically, imagine in judgement by hypocrisy, that Article II is ‘just another leader of conformity’.
—-They have little comprehension absent concept, blind to Oral Law/ Truth of Trinity Sacred Documents; — so, violating our Nation’s God is The Whole, First and Second Table of Law, a.k.a, Reli gion and morality, —is very easy to them to extort, gentle or not, because ignorance and thought-control is such a Potent Cathartic!
All this malice prepense murder, the youngster’s dream, so misled and lied to — Posterity — if they stay– under the cloud that they have been granted – yet another lie- No #6 Understanding Oral Law/ Pledge as a beneficence, but way too easily manipulated into their haven of group think, planting future dissonance/ incongruity, and this includes those in man-serving-man, right now, in secret/ closed doors… and even this…may be hidden or better…using abolishment of any Person who refuses to join man-serving-man’s group think, among We the People who have Not lost their own, in-the-mirror Constitutional-Third Person.
UN-UDHR-arbitrary human precepts, the above and below list annotating just a few of the years, of Holy Spirit One God in Three Persons/ Trinity Sacred Documents, the Whole Law and all the Prophets, Reformation and Founders included, as well as, Apocrypha/ Captivity – of Papal Authority over 2,017 years, but only since about 1826 in our infant nation. Oral Law, Second Testament – ‘Captivity, The Interval Between the O.T. and The Gospel of Christ, the reason for “NEW” Testament, Three, Individual Persons: stated in many Court rooms of Oral-Common-Law, from the mouths of every-one-person directly to God’s Ear, completely, in His nanosecond judgement of “separate and equal station” is, ” The Truth- Eternal Living Son-Christ Jesus, The WHOLE TRUTH – The Eternal FATHER-Living God, And No Thing But The Truth” – the challenge of your Third Person of Liberty of Most Good/ Holy Spirit-Truth and Liberty of most evil-spirit of devil trinity, juggling and wiggle on throughout all the roles of Your Life of,
“17. Euery good gift, and euery perfect gift is from aboue, & commeth downe from the Father of lights, with whom is no variablenesse, neither shadow of turning .
18 Of his owne will begate hee vs, with the word of Trueth , that wee should bee a kinde of first fruites of his creatures.
19 Wherefore my beloued brethren, let euery man bee swift to heare, slow to speake, slow to wrath.
20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousnesse of God.
21 Wherefore lay apart all filthinesse , and superfluitie of naughtinesse , & receiue with meeknesse the engrafted word, which is able to saue your soules.
22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers onely, receiuing your owne selues.
23 For if any be a hearer of the word and not a doer , he is like vnto a man beholding his naturall face in a glasse:
24 For hee beholdeth himselfe, and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what maner of man he was.
25 But who so looketh into the perfect Law of libertie, and continueth therein, he being not a forgetfull hearer, but a doer of the worke, this man shall be blessed in his deed.
26 If any man among you seeme to be religious, & bridleth not his tongue, but deceiueth his owne heart, this mans religion is vaine .” -James 1
No, over history, no one, except maybe Ralph Waldo Emerson, went around saying, ‘Am I a Good Third Person?’ – Most don’t even know God or Christ Jesus name, and even among those persons who do — they enjoy spirit of devil trinity’s slave commanding FIRST PERSON-God and SECOND PERSON Christ, those ‘ things ‘ permitted in eligibility to be given, taught, or learned, in controlled and manipulated “#7 Operation, expression of thought” – innately exemplified herein – illegal alien, “undocumented” so that privileges and even immunities are given without any expectation of #6 Operation-Understanding Truth, Trust, Promise which interchanges constantly between whenever “two or three are gathered in His name – He Is There”: …. but not one believes Him So…. not even that The Creator is Precisely Who He Says He Is, just as Papal Authority can completely use their members as wedges, “behind closed doors” that can even include extortion – if Pres. Trump does not fulfill ‘quelling and subduing American’s of God and Nation First into submission and subjugation’ as they watch complete violation of all God’s Will and Commands in Jesus teaching New Testament; including, within those person’s who know that last sentence of the Declaration is just as much Truth this nanosecond, as the nanosecond of Oral Law written down with ” Witness ” and ” Subscribed ” Attestment in Ratification: ” And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on divine Providence, We Mutually Pledge To Each Other, our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor ;” never to be loved, protected, stand for in duty, honor, service – before even a person’s own life — to follow and obey from 1320,The Reformists-Clergy of 1611 KJV, our Puritans, Colonists, Founders how to recognize Abuse and misconstruction – and perform, ” whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right, it is the Duty to throw off such government… and return to our God Is Trinity Sacred Documents.
It matters NOT one whit what the party factions or illegal alien labels of abuse and misconstruction for the purpose of — each-one-person, alone, breaches, blasphemies Holy Spirit, their own, Third Person, Constitutional or not, Citizen, Natural or Naturalized – though most if not all, have been forbidden to even have knowledge, language and communication of their Right to their own God/ Truth and direct accountability to FIRST PERSON, Eternal Living Creator of Certain, Unalienable Right/ Truth/ God – supreme Law of the Land, Water, Atoms of Atmosphere, to which all PERSONS on His Planet in His Universe, American or not, are still, ‘separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle that Person, Oral Law (Wycliffe as well as Jefferson or Jefferson, more likely, knew Wycliffe’s Propositions), but specifically, Article VI Bound/ Bind, twice stated to Article III — that has no hierarchy of State v Federal – profession of Law’s twin sister Profession of divinity – adding profession of medicine Hippocratic Oath, completely failed- – since before, though only those in home health care, because of discharge planning – not even performed anymore- and very few of them knew the connection, of 12/24 Eve, violating Amendment 1, of the 2,009th celebrated Birth of The Eternal Son of God, — to do no harm to each-one-person ; and Article VII, both Clauses ( Clause 2 has been removed from Cornell and Yale Law Schools + one google site for our Posterity ) “and of the INDEPENDENCE OF THE United STATES, the Residence of a Constitutional-Person, a man, a woman, a child, of America, TWELFTH [YEAR OF DECLARATION] IN WITNESS AND SUBSCRIBED ORAL LAW “:
But, among the inevitable, man-serving-man, spirit of devil trinity slaves as, person’s who have no intention of obedience to Holy Spirit-Oral Law, in God’s Commands, that includes already seceded from Consent of Governed in We the People, my native, Flag’s 6th row, 5th White, purity and innocence Star, 31st State’s California Republic, Constitution, Articles III:1 and XX:3, Oral Law, GOD’S TWO GREATEST COMMANDS –null and void, more years than June 2014 supreme court decree in edict of a delusional adversarial democracy, formally enforced with vengeance against our Republic, May 28, of 2015 Prospective Juror – Third Person witness to choosing a jury where every prospective juror who knew Constitution, and Right Reason, i.e., when a neighbor prospective juror was asked about a mouse and cat sealed together in a box, with and without a tiny hole, he answered, “I don’t have enough information”, or a computer software investigator, who answered another Prosecutor/ Defendant attorneys question, answered, “No. It is not fair.” to which I agreed, and both were not chosen, but others with no information at all, and, “I don’t know” were chosen. Also, 7 months later, the Judge was no longer in that Department.
These group-think, predetermined, controllers of collective guilt [3] , – among illegal people, – who, one-at-a-time, have no idea they are themselves, more illegal than the illegals, undocumented, Dreamers of Ignorance of Holy Spirit-Truth they are attempting to make legal — in total lie [l]; thus blasphemy of Holy Spirit, including their very own-heritage of 1320-1611-1620/ 497 yrs ago, in God’s pica-second, precise tipped, double-edged swift sword, so blind to TRUTH of the TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS, but, nonetheless have decided, through complete consensus of group-goose-step-think, SHALL BOW-DOWN TO the imperative, commands of man-serving-man, PAPAL AUTHORITY property of 150/ 194 nations in reverent supplication and absolute obedience to— UN, spirit of devil trinity (BTW there was a UNICEF-DUNE-BUGGY ON THE FREEWAY THIS MORNING – 40 mph in #3 lane, along with the army of UN military vehicles parked in State of New York) UDHR’s devotion in deep reverence to “Never Obey any Word that issues from the mouth of God-” and “Never worship God, and Him, alone obey” as directly accountable to Him:
From Dame Margaret Thatcher’s “The Downing Street Years”, Hussein is on the border of Kuwait, 1990,
“..Second, although I am a strong believer in international law, I did not like unnecessary resort to the UN, because it suggested [then, now a forgone predetermined conclusion] that sovereign states lacked the moral authority to act on their own behalf. If it became accepted that force could only be used — even in self defence — when the United nations approved, neither Britain’s interests nor those of international justice and order would be served. [Dame Thatcher is a Third Person of Holy Spirit, though she never says that plainly, did, very much recognize the morality changes of her party and the “Mainland” Western European Commission’s – EC-Papal authority, EU, close sometimes, but never said – not suppose to be necessary in Holy Spirit Persons composing their nations. This has never been true of UN in its entire history] The UN was a useful — for some matters vital –forum. But it was hardly the nucleus of a new world order. And there was still no substitute for the leadership of the United States…”- Pg. 821 [5]
AND- in obedience to the Papal Authority who has been lying since Paul in Galatians, and the most important demonstration of secrecy- who and how he was murdered when throughout God’s Eras, it was quite clear how disciples were ‘eliminated’- even Russian history; then, LATIN-BY-ECCLESIASTICAL-TYRANNY Bible of 770A.D. and hasn’t change one, Matt. 5 tittle, from determination that ONLY ITS rites, creeds, forms, ceremonies, denominations as factions, now including the churches which formed under Reformationists from 1320, 1611 KJV “TRANSLATORS TO THE READER” 1611, 1620 1776 THREE TESTAMENT BIBLE, and the reason Papal Authority had no place whatsoever in our Nation’s The Trinity Sacred Documents – Holy Spirit John 17 in 14—Truth, at [2]
Illegal, removal of dissidents, exiled, corralled in tents, world-wide- in absolute Force by Matt 12’s NGO-Papal Authority-UN from Iran to Mexico to Australia back to US, India to England, Germany’s group of exiled, the sheer weight of billions of individual-Persons, forbidden any knowledge, language and communication, both that nation as a beelzebub judge and its beelzebub autocratic oligarchy, Two Greatest Commands, alone directly to their own Good / Right/ Truth/ God, then among those they know and will never know – should give huge ‘just Stop!’; but blind-leading-blind in blasphemy – no Probability of “19 opinion always without interference/ accountability”:
‘the people illegal’, those that non-profit ACLU/ Ill and other acronyms; as well as, insistent upon the lie of language- DEM, and confused, REP, who are quite genuinely, never ever, and many, after years in Congress, 535 plus staffs and article II and III’s force of administrative-police-state, and adding to it , have never ever performed duty-sacred honor- Service, going to obey their Oral Law/ Article VI in VII or Preamble to Bill of Right, love God or the new, buzz-word of UDHR 18,19,29,30, mandatory abuse by misconstruction – Respect ; then the most important reason for the collective, mass people is provision of tax dollars from their ‘commerce’ — thus, a genuine number you can add together at,, [a]
EACH-ONE-OF THESE BLIND LEADING BLIND- DEVOID TRINITY SACRED DOCUMENTS COULD STOP SPENDING THEIR FELLOW-COUNTRY-PERSON’S MONEY IN SALARIES AND UNFUNDED-NEVER TO BE FUNDED PENSIONS — Article VI:Clause 1, in both 2 and 3, OF ALL THEIR TYRANNY IN TREASON, FOR PAPAL AUTHORITY’S UN IS VERY MUCH ‘FOREIGN LAW’ I– No Person, No Truth, Trust, or Promise and can only lie, steal and control and manipulate all knowledge on ‘its’ top of the highest mountain and all the grandeur thereof-arbitrary human precept’s few men rulers completely blind to ,Oral, common law, Holy Spirit-Truth, that will, 24/7–forever– through IMPOSITION IN THE CRIMES OF OMISSION, COMMISSION, TRANSGRESSION against God and Their nation, so self evident herein, — pursuit at high speed rail speeds, the very wide and broad road to desolation and destruction.”
A wall is an infrastructure of distinct and palpable, inanimate object, vain-idol-god, spirit of devil #1 he has made ‘from bread — stone and demonstrated that he will never submit to ” E very Word That Issues From Our Father in His Son in our Brother in each-one Person about 7.9 billion ; significant as Berlin – not for the wall but for what is, like our Flag, stands for in spirit of devil trinity. Trading it to provide a safe haven for the youth misled in lie, steal is just another lie stacking in blasphemy and creating more destruction – for there is no end to the extent of desolation that has over 9 years and shall continue… until Matt. 24, if that is what Individual-Person Spirit God decides… Individual Second Person points out, more than once in N.T. that He doesn’t know what our Father will decide…
Any Person is accountable to his Ignorance, Principle of Nuremberg [4] The Creator and in “separate and equal station”; for what groupy member of consensus by a vain-idol-god’s bigger number is going to stand when, or IF, you actually take your Third Person, Holy Spirit after your last world-down-below day :
“Whenever any person is confronted with a situation in which two or more official acts are in conflict, he has the duty to know which is the superior one, and to obey or help enforce the superior one, which, if one of them is The Bible, The Declaration, The Constitution, means to obey or help enforce The Oral Law-Truth Constitution. This duty cannot be delegated to another person: not to a superior, a court, or a legal advisor. It is not a defense that one was ignorant of the law or just doing one’s job or following orders. This is sometimes called the Principle of Nuremberg;” which Right Reason consecrates our Nation’s Original Text, Only-WHOLE, THREE TESTAMENT HOLY BIBLE; and
Justice Robert H. Jackson, most recent elected to the bar without a law degree, only Justice that held Associate Justice, of Supreme Court, United STATES Solicitor General, and United States Attorney General, was then Nuremberg Prosecuting Attorney who later, 1947, wrote “Dissent” with Justice Rutledge, Frankfurter, Burton – re its Oral law – impregnable and high Wall of separation collective people church from collective people-state – both with their rites, creeds, ceremonies, forms, denominations, few ruler’s over the Person composing accountability directly to God in any form of destructive government — ” This Decision Should Be Reversed “.
On the ‘counties of control’ map – the greenest and largest is of course, seceded from the Union for about 10 years now, since TTVG regardless of political party affiliation that candidates for office do not have to share the Understanding of their person to the language and communication as, supreme Law of the Land, Oral Law/ Oath Trinity Sacred Documents; and our huge, consent of the governed per square mile — never, ever cleaning or even attempting to clear precinct suppression of truth against Consent of the Governed in We the People – no-one knows who lives in any, humongous apartment complex – or doesn’t, or how many shifts, of multiple families live out of one apartment or SFR; but voter ID Cards – will not stop forgeries in lie/ only the Party’s, now abandoned, but once, very active – information for Consent of Governed, return of News Conference and actually report world news, State news, Judicial news including State supreme courts, and the issues – initiatives, meetings for debate and exchange….; it really belongs to the precinct – and no – living outside US should vote at all – the only exceptions – vacationing, military, contracted, State Dept. ,but….
The Department of Homeland Security , dumped/ bury the label-“Voter Fraud”, investigation of Consent of the Governed-Trinity Sacred Documents-wide , a.k.a. United STATES , the Residence of Each-One-Person’s Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God-self evident Right HOLY SPIRIT, TRUTH-CONSTITUTION IS SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND , Per Square Mile by County or County Equivalent, including its purvey of …
[l] Immigration Resource Center ACLU- skin color is intrinsic to its “immigrants being robbed of misconstructed word – rights”-never includes God/ Truth and very carefully never using the Federal Laws word “Illegal” v. Fed Law – ICE by collective , group-government-exceedingly superior- even between House and Senate, forbidden in seceded California Republic’s never to be permitted, bicameral-form of Ratified-Trinity Sacred Documents-supreme Law of the Land, 2 STATE Senators/ 58 Counties, the major reason for the need of a Constitutional-Person, agriculture, Protected from delusional, adversarial-isolated-constitutional-democracy’s Agenda 21/ GW- Paris Treaty- now proven beyond doubt CO2 emission as cause Is Another Lie on Lid, synonyms for spirit of devil trinity’s collective, mass people always, every nation on God’s Planet, ‘world-down-below,’ man-serving-man’s perversion of Oral Law/ Holy Spirit-Truth by skin color, country-of-origin except that Naturalized Oath in Oral Law/ Pledge to Trinity Sacred Documents in English-the Language and Communication of each-one-person’s Certain, Unalienable, Gifts from The Creator in and of Trinity Sacred Documents; and regardless of in hierarchy/ seniority-vain-idol-god’s no eyes, no ears, and NO MOUTH,-over-his neighbor-2nd Greatest Command of God– and Provider of each-one’s Life Roles in Commerce of Enterprise, Ideas, violation of Oral Common Law – Trinity Sacred Documents – supreme to God. Resources, Authorities, and 1828/1844 AMERICAN DICTIONARY of the English Language”- Noah Webster
1] Papal Authority’s Property of UN Agenda 21, GW, sustainable tenement housing, Climate Change, Paris Treaty, World Bank’s 5 Groups, necessarily Federal Reserve/ IMF 2017 Sustainable Development Goals and, water, atmosphere among the 194 nations, not counting the invisible under the axis regimes it supports
A) Papal Authority’s property-194 UN nation’s General Assembly Resolution A/58/314 Participation of the Holy See in the work of the United Nations 16 July 2004 — Fifty-eighth session , every Committee, at,
intertwined to:
B) 12/01/2009 Lisbon Treaty EU/ Commission Holy See- since 2000 ;
C) ” After 500 years of schism, will the rift of the Reformation finally be healed? ” counting only from 1517 — ignoring the eixtence of man-serving-man’s heretic 1320 John Wycliff — because he is a condemned by man-serving-man’s perversion of Scripture, Papal Authoirty a Heretic, so few College of Cardinals, supreme to God and their ‘collective, mass people,’ do not have to worry about his TRUTH — at,
D) ” Learning our Three Sacred Documents: the Inside/ Outside enemy-spirit of devil-trinity, v. Holy Spirit Truth Eternal Living Jesus “– spirit of devil trinity #3 of 3’s property in grandeur, highest mountain with 360 degree visual effect, and all 194 nations of Papal Authority’s UN-UDHR, Agenda 21, GW, 2017 World Bank Group’s, necessarily including Federal Reserve/ IMF, Sustainable Development Goals — that is 2015-2017’s abrogation of Alithia/ Truth/ Paul’s Christian Discipline (I Tim. 1) non-word “BiPartisan”- Appropriation of Phronesis-WE THE PEOPLE-Constitutional-Person’s Commerce – i.e. Enterprise of Ideas – no civil-state intertwined ecclesiastical-man-serving-man supreme to God that is Trinity of the Three Sacred Documents, at,
>>E) ” Papal Rome and the European Union ” ; Richard Bennett and Michael de Semlyen at,
F) Holy See/ Papal Authoirty-UN – hypocrisy of pot calling kettle black – John 8’s Abraham’s Children who are blind to Truth and need to kill ; Thursday, August 24, 2017, at, from: ” U.N. Issues Order To Trump As Officials Claim ‘Warning’ Signs, Urgent Action
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G) “Absent God in The Three Sacred Documents, “Speaker Ryan, a.k.a UN Papal Authority, tells Trump to lay off Mueller”—Thursday, July 27, 2017; at, H) An Absolute Axiom of Proof – of spirit of devil trinity-“never obey any word that issues from the mouth of God, and as a Third Person of ” And assume among the powers of the earth (because spirt of devil trinity is never forgiven, cannot be present in Holy Spirit-Truth-heaven) the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle One Person Composing the WHOLE of ONE PEOPLE: ” Massive Outrage As Vatican Knighthood Awarded To Virulent Abortion Activist, “Powerful Signal” Posted by Stephanie Sheaks | Jan 19, 2018 | at, —- Please observe the Photo of the Person-Papal Authority- among his enterage – College of Cardinals-absolute rulers of condcut-force, absent conscience, 2,018 years, violation of first 5 commandments of God — notably, the much attacked, by spirit of devil trinity’s arbitrary human precept- man-serving-man of Paul’s Church of God in Christ in his Third Person among those he knows and will never know, circumcised/ uncircumcised, male/ female, freeman/ slave from capture by government-over-man or by spirit of devil trinity: heritage, Luke 12, Commandment V: “Honor thy father and thy mother that YOUR days may be long upon the land which the LORD your God giveth YOU, ” alone-Eternal Soul FROM CONCEPTION.
2] Reformists- United States – Original text, 1611 the Only, WHOLE Three Testament Bible
A} REFORMATION-PROTEST TO PAPAL AUTHORITY : After “The Episile, Dedicatorie”, there are XI Sections about the Whole of “THE HOLY BIBLE, Anno Dom 1611” from the 49 member, 2 Puritans included, committee’s “Rules to be observed in Translation of The Bible”, with King James VI of Scotland/ I of GB, Hanford Court 1604, “THE TRANSLATORS To The Reader:
II..A. The Highest Personages Have Been Calumniated; B. His Majestie Constancie, notwithstanding culmination, for the survey of the English translations ;
III. The Praise of the Holy Scriptures: “But now what pietie without trutheth? What Trutheth (what saving Trutheth ) without the Word of god? What Word of God (whereof we may be sure) without the Scripture? ..[upper case added; and Know as Does anyone Know/ Understand – that Living God in Christ in each-one-Person, indeed is Precisely What Our Father and our Brother Say – for living mind/ heart/ will-conscience as commanded and taugh whatever circumstance of life’s roles a person alone and among others must travel , the closer to follow Father and Son — The more Truth Will Set You Free = FREEDOM IS TRUTH, not man-choosing and serving-man] ;
IV. The Translation of The Old Testament Out of the Hebrew Into the Greek ;
V. Translation Out of Hebrew and Greek Into Latin ;
VI The Transl

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