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Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense Revisit – Is an Airgun Great For Self Defense Revisit:

A while back I made a YouTube Video called” Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense?” It’s been quite popular on YouTube obtaining over 2 million video views and I get a lot fo feedback from my audiences with varying viewpoints on this concern. I such as constrictive responses and appreciate hearing what my YouTube visitors have to state as long as everyone is being civil concerning it and not just trying to start a debate.

In my initial video clip on this subject I virtually go on the document stating I don’t believe Airguns are a good option for self-defense as well as there are for certain method better alternatives yet much of you differed with me therefore I determined to make this upgrade or review video as well as review a few of the top pushback remarks I see and get if they have some value to them.

Here are the leading 4 pushback comments I obtain one of the most frequently:

– When the bad person sees the airgun they are mosting likely to run away thinking it’s a real gun.

– Just shoot the negative person in the eyes/ face.

– Use an HPA huge caliber rifle.

– Use a complete auto high capacity Airgun.

Watch my “Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense Revisit” YouTube video clip to see how I attend to these pushback comments.

Watch my initial “Is an Airgun Good for Self Defense” Video!

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