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Krav Maga for Self-Defense Against a Shirt Grab!

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Would you recognize what to do if an opponent grabbed your t-shirt in a bar, at an ATM or on the street? Israeli Defense System Federation founder and krav maga specialist Alain Cohen shows you a simple yet very effective krav maga counterattack for exactly this circumstance!

Alain Cohen, previous Israeli Defense Forces participant and founder of the Israeli Defense System Federation, teaches you hard-hitting krav maga techniques that he’s shown hundreds of protection experts and krav maga instructors worldwide. A main krav maga as well as Thai boxing teacher licensed by the Israeli Sports Ministry and also a previous participant of the Israeli Defense Forces, Alain Cohen additionally educates tactical krav maga to protection for air marshals, pilots and staffs.

In his 6-disc krav maga DVD set, Krav Maga Personal Protection: The Israeli Method of Close-Quarters Combat, Alain Cohen supplies self-defense direction covering six belt levels (from yellow to black), from krav maga essentials to innovative strategies.

This six-DVD box set is offered now at

Topics include: punches, strikes, kicks from the guard, 360-degree defense tactics, gun defenses, knife defenses, improvisated weapons, falls, rolls, get counters, moves, tosses, chokes, operating in the guard, joint locks, kicks, third-party defense, explosive deactivates, the Z lock, tai sabaki (body activity), authorities locks, vital-point assaults and also real-world circumstance simulations