Personal Safety

Little Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet, Adjustable Silicone Band- Black, Lightweight, Discreet and Easy Access For Quick Response to Attack, Contains 3-6 Bursts of 10% OC, Cannot Ship to MA or NY

ACCESSIBLE AND EASY TO USE: It only takes an instant for an attack to happen. The patented design of your Little Viper bracelet lets you react quickly – no fumbling in your purse or pocket for a canister.

EASY-TO-CARRY, CONVENIENT PROTECTION: Ideal for jogging, heading to class, walking the dog, or any time you need a personal safety device while keeping your hands free for other things

DISCREET, COMFORTABLE SAFETY: Walking around with a bulky safety spray canister in your hand is awkward. The adjustable silicone wristband and cleverly concealed canister means no one will know you’re carrying it.

MAXIMUM STRENGTH: With 10% oleoresin capsicum (pepper spray), this discreet device packs a knockout punch from up to 3 feet, so you’re always out of reach of your attacker.

FREE TRAINING COURSE + REPLACEMENT PROGRAM: Packaging includes free digital access to our in-depth pepper spray course and a limited warranty in case you have to use your Little Viper in self-defense.

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