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Michael Janich H2HC Video: Self-Defense Moves Against a Knife Attack

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” One of the toughest things you’re going to run into is going empty-hand versus a knife,” knife-fighting and H2HC expert Michael Janich says. “It’s one of the most frightening scenarios you could possibly think of.

” Typically, when this is done, a great deal of times you’ll see fighting styles people drive as well as just kinda socialize there and await you to do a technique. When individuals do it genuine, they’ll do what’s called ‘bulldogging.’ Or you’ll see ‘prison design,’ which is essentially obtaining [their] hands up into [your] eyes and simply working the blade tough [in rapid thrusts]”.


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In a prison-style “shanking,” military H2HC situation or a savage street assault where the challenger’s objective is just to kill you, you will have only one shot to obstruct the preliminary blade drive using self-defense relocations.

” [You may] block it as soon as if you get fortunate,” H2HC instructor Michael Janich claims. “The suggestion that you’ll [block] it greater than when usually does not work extremely well.”. View the video clip above to discover just what to do in this scenario!

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