Self Defense

MMA Fighters Try Women’s Self-Defense episode 11: Captain Krav Maga returns

Coach Ramsey and Nils effort to grasp a highly advanced counter to the most dangerous assault ever seen on the streets: the lethal harmful wrist grab. (Besides, of it had not been so hazardous, why would every solitary females’s self protection trainer instruct so numerous strategies to counter this obviously deadly attack?).

After really feeling frustrated at his inability fuse west shore swing dancing with martial arts in the name of self protection for females, Ramsey is seen as soon as again by the amazing Captain Krav Maga, who has all the response to street self protection. Remember, it’s all about gross motor abilities.

Wait, what’s that? As opposed to wearing his signature eco-friendly headband, Captain Krav Maga is using the exact same beanie as Nils? Could it be? Is it possible that probably in an initiative to make cash, the manufacturers of black beanies made even more than one??? Find out in this episode of MMA competitors Try Women’s Self-Defense! Where we try suspicious looking hand to hand fight methods against the supreme litmus test: light resistance.

Always remember, before you educate a martial arts battling action, attempt it out as well as see if it in fact works against somebody that deals with back.