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“Motivational Action Speech of Martial Arts Self Defense”_Alchemy Talks, Tamilnadu

Regarding Alchemy Talks:
Alchemy Talks Videos are everything about “How Choices one makes in Life has an Impact on them by seeding of Patterns”. Alchemy Talks Videos have to do with “Kala Chakaram” and the Pure Principles behind it.

This World is not what you think. It really not scientific however truly magical.In Kali Yuga every individuals are birthed with dull intelligence as well as not able to understand truth and hence typically not familiar with the techniques being played by each one around us and also culture as the whole.

The Actual World is not Flat or round or ball. Believe in terms Kalachakram which we use in daily language. That’s the globe and just a common reasoning suffices for individuals to recognize this but individuals are continually running in this system and also hence there is no time for people to think but individuals do have time for conversation as well as coffee.

If Earth is Rotating How water can be held in this? Or How can a Ball hold water? If you really feel yes, its also much to say gravity!!. Undoubtedly people have actually already programmed you. Every one has to put their very own efforts to recognize. If individuals have any kind of doubts, Guru can not clear them really. You should look and also locate yourself. A Guru is just a principle presented to ensure that somebody can really feel pleased concerning themselves that are believing them. The Real Guru is Nature. One more Human could act as master concept however could not be full master to remove all your uncertainties in your journey. Nature could get rid of all the darkness in guy.

Based upon Ragu/Ketu one needs to assume.
satellite pictures could not capture Ragu/Ketu.
Moon landing everybody knows its counterfeit.
Earth pictures from satellite is Photoshop work.
No one will reveal in TELEVISION that earth is not ball.
All the news are fake in todays globe.
In olden tamil rhymes, they have actually not said anything straight regarding “planet form”.
The World means the entire universe not just earth.
World( Universe) is egg shaped. Its andam alias the form of anda( utensil).
People are puzzling scientific research lies with old works declaring ancients knew prior to for satisfaction.
Also in regards to scientific research, trace back ancient science cosmology.
Inside the egg, there are divisions for living( lokam) as well as working areas( kalachakaram mandalam).
Nobody could photograph cosmos and also show anyways as Proof.
If one can think that life has function and thavam is what we individuals birthed is earth has to do.
Olden People did Thavam as we can recognize plainly as well as naturally living throughout India.
Initial Step is recognizing globe, Cross it one requires to recognize Self, Crossing it only comes understanding that is Divine and what is the connection in between Self as well as Divine. In Today globe no one comprehend World as well as so certainly they are struck and Thavam is not taking place.

We all have reviewed in the exact same English Medium School and also therefore all of us have been educated one and same.So Who can be your guru. Just Nature is your expert and also your Questions are your Guru. How deep you ask Questions is everything about Brahma Principle. When Brahma was birthed, he was unaware who he was or where he was. Then he asked further concerns for nature to reveal.Revealed suggests no language is needed. Exactly how you ask deeper questions as well as just how nature reveals to you is the basics.

Ask if you are actually humans who have no function in this rotating sphere? No Purpose is seen and also you remain in Job and also all you can do is eat, play as well as function with no inquiries? Its totally automated system which you have developed with your patterns.
It can reveal couple of patterns of duplicating nature. Each as well as Every one have a purpose? Ask a Question as well as comprehend.

Regarding Suresh Ginger:.
Nature has actually split into Heaven and Earth yet Nature just has Multiple Personality Wonders.Nature is the only Guru and also it talks in Nature Language whereas Man speaks Human languages. The Nature of Man is to Question as well as follow your instinct and also attempt to recognize your Individual Path with Nature.