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Navy SEAL Tests Civilian Taser | Non Lethal Self Defense | Tactical Rifleman

This is a Product Evaluation of the new Taser Pulse, that is created especially for use by private citizens in public areas where firearms and also various other self protection tools are not enabled. We were not paid to make this video clip.

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Yep, the title is “Click Bait” to obtain us the views, however seriously, this thing is amazing and I intend to spread out the word to as several righteous people as feasible. Unique “Thanks” to Jason. Yep, he is a genuine SEAL; and yeah, he got shot by a College Girl.
I’m a huge follower of Tasers. People bitch that they have a high failure price, and that they kill individuals.
If you shoot them correctly, and also obtain two good probe strikes, it is 100% effective. Desire to see a cool video clip? Draw up “Bull shot with Taser” on YouTube.
Second, as for Tasers killing individuals; these things are the best type of non-lethal pressure that I recognize of … much safer than them beating you down with a Billy Club. Yes, people have actually passed away. These individuals had pre-existing conditions.
So, once again, I’m a huge fan of Tasers. While I was strolling the floor at the NRA convention, I quit at the Taser cubicle to chit conversation. They showed me the brand-new “Pulse” and also I knew quickly that this would certainly make a terrific Tactical Rifleman video clip. Pocket sized, and they ride the lightning for 30 seconds!!!
I’ve been wishing to do an entire series of video clips regarding home protection as well as self protection when in public circumstances. I figured we can cover ideas as well as techniques and likewise touch on some of the terrific gear that is around available to the general public. As both my kids remain in university or out in the huge world, this subject is dear to my heart. Our first video clip got on the Leatherback Gear book bag, that doubles as Armor. We obtained right into a bit of various tools (and choices) for residence protection. Now, we have the Taser Pulse. We are going to follow this up with even more excellent protection video clips.
I hope you take pleasure in the video clip. This product sells itself. If you ever before locate yourself in a “gun free area”, such as a church, office, or school ; you may wish to consider this great brand-new tool. Think of it … every Active Shooter circumstance can be quickly diffused if each of the spectators and also sufferers had this little treasure in their workplace desk drawer, brief-case, baby diaper pocket, bag, or platform. You can have $100k worth of weapons at house, but they wont aid you a lick if you do not have them with you. Check local laws, but I’m sure that you will certainly find that this puppy can select you almost anywhere.
He is really a beneficial asset as well as a wonderful friend to the Tactical Rifleman team. If you are interested in taking courses with Jason or any type of other participant of the Tactical Rifleman team; you can inspect out our training course schedule at or call us there to arrange custom-made programs.

Many thanks for watching. Stamina as well as Honor, TR.

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