Self Defense

Nick Drossos – Level 1 Self Defense Certification Instructor at KMS Greece

After several years of training and preparation, Nick Drossos Degree 1 Self Protection trainer training course if lastly prepared. With Each Other with Vassilis Petridis from Krav Maga Science we will be holding this program.

The school of teachers will be hung on 22 & 23 September 2018 in Athens at the Cultural Center of Israeli Arts “Imi Lichtenfeld” by Nick Drossos himself. Everybody active in the area of fighting styles and self-defense systems or those who want doing so is qualified to get involved. The subject of the training course will be highly streamlined, useful as well as simple to learn.

The goal is to produce Nick Drossos’ approach fitness instructors in Greece as well as abroad that will have the ability to educate any person that intends to learn self-defense quickly, promptly and also practically.

Those who will certainly be accredited as fitness instructors will have the ability to work independently or in gyms and schools and advantage from the globally credibility of the name Nick Drossos in the field of protection.

The teacher training program will include 3 levels:

Level 1 Basic unarmed protection methods
Level 2 Dealing with armed challengers
Level 3 Multiple opponents training

The training period of each degree will certainly be 16 hrs and also will be finished throughout a weekend. The next degrees will happen roughly every three months. From the following day of Level 1 certification, the trainer will certainly be able to bring the Nick Drossos logo design and also his name will be presented with Nick Drossos Web Site. Teachers are not required to continuously the next level.

COSTCost/level: 350EUR

As a result of the international interest in this college, a rigorous order of top priority will be appreciated. Those interested in participating should send their declaration of passion, their information and an extensive Curriculum Vitae of their martial arts and also self-defense experience by 20/8 through e-mail: