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Nick Drossos Self Defense Instructor Certification – Level 1

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After several years of training and preparation, the Nick Drossos Level 1 Self Defense instructor course is ready. Along with Vassilis Petridis from Krav Maga Science we will be hosting this certification.

The event will be held on September 22nd and 23rd 2018 in Athens at the Cultural Center of Israeli Arts “Imi Lichtenfeld”. The event will be taught by Nick Drossos himself.

Anyone active in the field of martial arts or self-defense are welcome. Furthermore, those who are interested in teaching self defense are entitled to participate. The subject of the course will be practical and easy to learn.

The goal of the Nick Drossos self-defense certification (Level 1) is to help you teach personal protection techniques and concepts that work and are effective.

Those who will be certified as self defense trainers will be able to work privately, in schools or in gyms and benefit from the worldwide reputation of the name Nick Drossos in the field of self-defense.

Content of the Self-Defense Instructor Course:
The instructor training course will include 3 levels:

Level 1 – Basic unarmed self-defense techniques
Level 2 – Dealing with armed opponents
Level 3 – Multiple attackers training

The training duration of each level will be 16 hours and will be completed during a weekend.

The next levels will take place approximately every three months. From the next day of Level 1 certification, the instructor will be able to bring the “Nick Drossos” logo and his name will be displayed through Nick Drossos’ Website. Instructors are not required to continue to the next level.

Cost per level: 350€

Level 1 Self Defense Certification Instructor at KMS Greece
MAX 25 PERS. Must register before august 20th 2018
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