Personal Safety

Personal Alarm: Emergency Device Keychain 140db, Safety Self-Defense, SOS sound with LED flashlight for children, women and elderly – Great for night walks, runners, hiking (2-pack, gold,silver)

* STAY SAFE – serves as protection from dangerous scenarios like robberies, kidnapping, bullies, rape, or anyone who feels threatened and needs to use self defense

* LOUD – 130-140 db sound that continuously sounds for 40 minutes when pin is pulled, loud enough to grab anyone’s attention when in danger, top “button” serves as a “dummy button” if robber tries to turn the alarm off

* BATTERIES INCLUDED – takes 3 LR44 batteries, easily replaceable, has LED flashlight with the push of a button if struggling to find belongings in bag or if need some light to unlock your door

* LIGHTWEIGHT – extremely light for children, elderly and women, can attach to car keys, handbag, schoolbag, suitcases, etc.

* BEST USES – Two brighter colors, gold and silver to easily locate in the dark when needed, great for children walking home from school, walking the dog, night walks, elderly who have fallen, hikers, runners, etc.

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