Personal Safety

Personal Alarm Keychain – Safesound Security Emergency & Self Defense –Essential Protection and Safety Device for Women Kids and the Elderly – Super Loud 140dB Panic Siren

WALKING ALONE CAN BE SCARY – Do you work late shifts and find yourself walking the streets alone at night? Or are you a college student with late classes and have to walk through isolated pathways? Or are you just concerned for your child?

DON’T BECOME A VICTIM – What criminals and predators like to do is take advantage of opportunities. If they see the chance of committing a crime without the risk of getting caught, they will take it! You need to take the opportunity away from them!

YOUR PERSONAL SCURITY DEVICE – Prevent worst case scenarios from happening with a personal security device you can take with you all the time. This small and lightweight keychain alarm conveniently fits in your pocket or bag.

SUPER LOUD 140dB PANIC ALARM – With one press of a button, you can alert bystanders, security guards, and the police of an attack and GET HELP. This alarm also has a bright LED light which makes a great flashlight to see around dark corners.

STOP THE ATTACK, COME PREPARED – Don’t let attackers take you by surprise, come prepared with a personal security device that will SCARE THEM OFF! Order Your Personal Keychain Alarm Now!

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