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Personal Panic Alarm (Is Your Loved One Safe?)

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Ever Before Worry That Something Is Going To Happen To Your Beloved Mom, Dad or That Favorite Uncle?

Take that fear and transform it right into relief. As we age, our bodies simply don’t function as they made use of to in the golden days. What previously owned to be called a “small autumn” can end up being a life harmful problem for a person in requirement of immediate aid.

Visualize that aid never ever came?

These frightening but sensible scenarios running through your head are not something to be ignored, especially when stopping them is incredibly simple.

Does Anyone In Your Family:.

– Live alone or are usually left residence alone often?
– Have an opportunity of slipping/falling in a shower room, bedroom or on stairway?
– Shower in a bathtub?
– Take medicine that could make them lightheaded, sleepy or lightheaded?

If the answer is YES to any of the above, after that it is essential for you to understand that 1 in 3 individuals over the age of 65 will certainly have a mishap or take an autumn every year.

That’s 13 million people that will certainly struggle with an accident this year alone …

… Don’t let that accident turn right into a major health issue or even worse if you aren’t around.

Get them a Personal Elderly Emergency Alert Panic Alarm today to guarantee they are secure now as well as in the future.

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Absolutely nothing is more crucial than household, so we are below to guarantee your own is safe!

Vigilant Personal Pendants:
Item Description.

Cautious PPS-20BL 125dB Personal Pendant Elderly Emergency Alert Panic Alarm with Red Flashing Locator Light.

The PPS-20BL is an emergency sharp alarm system that includes a 125dB big button activated emergency alarm. The style is an outcome of client tips for a choice to high expense life conserving alert systems that require month-to-month tracking charges. The rugged, neck used alarm system works as an emergency sharp gadget for individuals or senior individuals.

It has a red blinking emergency locator light, intended at giving brief variety directional location for the alarm in the event that the alarm system is triggered in a reduced light location, automatically activating when the alarm system is set off. Presence variety of the light is around 20 backyards at 1 lux illumination (near pitch black problems), planned to assist the alarm with a visual sign at brief distances.

– 125dB panic emergency situation alarm.
Emergency activation – just press the large red switch.
– Red flashing locator light – adds visual direction to alarm system for reduced light scenarios.
– Pendant style alarm system with neck lanyard.
– Tear-away lanyard hold.
– Designed particularly to make sure that dexterity is not called for to trigger as well as shut down the alarm.

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