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Personal Safety Alarm for Women – Ahh!-larm! Self-Defense Personal

Personal Safety Alarm for Women – Ahh!- larm! Self-Defense Personal
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LOUD & RELIABLE– 115 Decibels! Just how loud are 115 decibels? Well in comparison, an Ambulance Siren rates at 100 decibels (inside the rescue, motorist home window down), a Chainsaw is 110 decibels. That’s LOUD! Our designers bewared to make our personal alarms loud sufficient it can stand out & dissuade an opponent, however not to harm your hearing. Reliability was also a priority for the ladies’s personal alarm Our alarm is made to last, be quickly available & ready when required.
LONG-TERM BATTERIES– When seeking individual alarm systems, it is crucial to know what batteries the tool uses. The batteries made use of have a direct relationship to the stamina as well as durability of the alarm. Blingsting makes use of a powerful, 12 Volt 23 A battery in our alarm. This is sufficient to offer the 115-decibel alarm system and offer you with safe, long-lasting item dependability. Our battery is also changeable, no special watch repair work package needed, just a small Phillips head screwdriver.
EASY, EASY & CONVENIENT– We created our personal females’s safety and security alarm system to be very easy, hassle-free and while cute, tough to endure your busy lifestyle. The most important thing we construct right into all of our items is – very easy to utilize while in demanding scenarios. While we pray you never require to use any of our products, we know you will certainly not be delayed in reaction with our women’s security alarm systems. Affixes to your Keychain, Car Keys, Purse, or Diaper Bag – Always close, Always Reliable!

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