Personal Safety

Pripaso 2 Pack Safety Security Alarm 130DB SOS Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain for Women, Children, Elderly, Superior with Explorer Self Defense Electronic Device (Silver)

◆ LOUDER SIREN SONG ALARM: Safety alarm with 130dB, sounds loudly to draw people’s attention even in a far distance. Emergency alarm draws power from button cells, is ideal chooice for all people as self defense weapon

◆ PERFECT LED FLASHLIGHT: The personal alarm keychain can use for emergency illumination, it for immediate area illumination in short distance, offers a great assisstance when you walking in darkness

◆ UNIQUE DESIGN: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to take away. Suitable for night running,traveling abroad,hiking,camping,riding,entertaining and other outdoor activities

◆ HIGH QUALITY: It made of environmental material, with high quality battery,low power consumption,automatic power-saving features. Working time up to 1 hours continuous piercing alarm

◆ BROAD CONSUMER APPEAL: Lightweight design ideal for students,women, joggers,kids, elderly, children and any other ones who may do something to feel more safe and comfortable

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