Personal Safety

Revolar Instinct Personal Safety Device – No Fee Smart Wearable Safety Device with App-Enabled Live GPS Location Sharing, Custom Alerts – Keychain and Clip for Wearable Safety Device (Black)

JUST CLICK & STAY CONNECTED TO LOVED ONES. IT’S EASY AND SIMPLE TO USE: 1 Click will share your location to say “I’m Okay”. 2 Clicks creates a Yellow Alert, sending your location and a message that you feel unsafe. It also calls your own phone to allow you to exit any situation. 3 Clicks sends a Red Alert (Emergency!), sharing your GPS location and that you need help fast.

PERSONAL PANIC BUTTON WITH ENHANCED FEATURES: The Instinct allows you to customize your preset messages for each alert level, personalizing what your loved ones are sent. With 2 Clicks you can ring your phone, which is great for when you can’t find it. You can use the app to ‘Chirp’ the device if you’ve misplaced your Instinct. When you send alerts, the Instinct will discretely vibrate to confirm your alters have been sent. It also features a built-in step counter to help you stay active.

NO FEES OR SUBSCRIPTIONS REQUIRED: Unlike other emergency alert/ safety devices, Revolar Instinct has no required fees or subscriptions to use. We designed our products to work without a subscription because we believe everyone has the right to feel safe. NOW AVAILABLE: An optional $9.99 /month feature that allows to be immediately connected with Emergency Services (i.e.911) anytime, anywhere, powdered by SafeTrek.

SMALL & DISCRETE WATERPROOF PERSONAL SAFETY DEVICE: We’ve designed a discrete and stylish personal safety device so that you can feel comfortable and confident. You can wear your Revolar Personal Safety Device by easily attaching it to your keys or clipping it to your clothing. The Instinct is IP68 Waterproof, drop proof, has up to a 6 month battery life, easy replaceable battery. The Instinct is just about the size of a Quarter, and weights less than an Ounce.

EASY TO SET-UP AND SYNC WITH YOUR SMART PHONE: Set up your Instinct by downloading the free Revolar app. Add contacts and choose which alerts they’ll receive. It’s as simple at that. Then click it to connect with the people you care about to check in or share your location. Compatable with most modern smartphone devices, including both iOS and Android operating systems (For more details. see full product description).

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