Personal Safety

Ripple – discreet personal safety device smaller than a dime. Wearable Bluetooth button includes 3 months of 24/7 professional monitoring and sends life / medical / panic / emergency GPS alerts

If you have an emergency and only moments to act, press your Ripple button 3 or more times to alert your Ripple Team you need help at your location. They also receive your pre-set health information for medical alerts.

This purchase includes 3 free months of 24/7 nationwide professional monitoring, which costs only $10/month thereafter (optional charge).

Don’t panic, just press: Ripple also has a 1-click function for non-emergencies, and we’ll still call you to check in. Useful for late-night walks or in a dark parking lot.

Wearable on clothes or a keychain. Ripple is water resistant, so no worries if you accidentally toss it in the washer.

Never recharge Ripple: the battery life lasts up to 6 months depending on use. For monthly subscribers, we’ll send you a free replacement device when the battery is running low.

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